What is Homepolish Video Design?

What is Homepolish Video Design?

What is Homepolish Video Design?

Homepolish By-Video Design, explained! Live and work in a space you really love, designed by a professional, regardless of where in the US of A you're based. Technology is your best friend.

What is Homepolish Video Design?

Homepolish Video Design is a way for Homepolish designers to help even more people create homes and offices they love. Using the latest video platforms, Homepolish designers are able to work by video with clients across the entire country. Working with your busy schedule, our Video offering is easy to organize around your work, your life, and your needs.


How is Video Design different than Homepolish’s In-Person offering?

Bringing talented interior designers into people’s homes and lives has always been our mission. We provide professional design assistance to anyone that needs a Homepolish designer’s expert help, no matter their geographic location. We make our video interactions feel as similar to our in-person service as possible, allowing designers to build a relationship with their clients. Design made personal, just via computer. Hey, you could even do it in the comfort of your pjs.



My Homepolish video consult with Danielle was terrific. She gave me very specific tasks, like get these paint samples. Paint first. Look for Pax wardrobe, etc. She helped me to break down my design and organization into manageable tasks.

- Hazel, Homepolish video client


How does Homepolish Video Design work?

Both the By-Video and In-Person offerings begin with a face-to-face consultation. The only thing that makes Homepolish Video different is that this meeting happens with video. Currently, Video Design uses the following platforms: Facetime, Skype, Google Chat, or Zoom. After the initial consultation, you can buy time with your designer and execute the rest of the design virtually via video, phone calls, and/or emails. We’ve even had clients Facetime right in the middle of Home Depot! You can source materials and product together, plan layouts, pick color palettes, manage contractors, and more.



Homepolish provides a convenient, flexible, custom design partnership where the client has control of the direction, pace, and finances for their design projects.

- Monique, Homepolish video client


What about the things that designers usually do in-person, like making floor plans and measuring spaces?

Whether In-Person or By-Video with a Homepolish designer, the experience is always customized to our clients’ needs. With Video, clients may be asked to take specific measurements that their designer requests, grab a few samples themselves, or be more specific with colorways, but our services are personalized per client and can be as collaborative as you want them to be. We’re dedicated to ensuring that virtual design with Homepolish is easy to schedule and easy to use.


And… How much does it cost?

Our By-Video design package offerings cost the same as In-Person design. No matter where you are in the country, we offer savings through our Shopping List program, our very own shopping experience with an ordering concierge service, when you buy design time.

Now, we often get the question as to why by-video design costs the same as in-person. And we hear you. The difference between Homepolish by-video design and other virtual design experiences out there can be best summed up in this article. Via Facetime or Skype, By-Video is designed to be as much like our in-home, face-to-face interactions as possible. It allows clients to converse in real-time with our designers, and our designers also have the ability to virtually familiarize themselves with a space. We customize the design service to come to you while maintaining the person-to-person interface through technology.



Liz, my Homepolish designer, was so thoughtful and listened to my style ideas, even though I know nothing about home décor. She affirmed my desires for my space, and I believe she will elevate it to the level I want it to be. If the other designers are half as good as Liz… Wow! I will share with my friends, my family, and even my dentist looking to redecorate the waiting room!

- Jacqueline, Homepolish video client
  • Edna Adams

    My new home will not be ready until December 2015 and I have no place to store furniture, I can manage the bedrooms and office but I would need help on the open family room and dinning area.

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hi Edna – Feel free to email us at info@homepolish.com. We’d be happy to discuss your project with you!

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Gitana,
    This is actually a rather long response, but here we go:
    We complete the same types of projects by-video that are accomplished in person. Our video designers have designed a variety of projects ranging from finishing touches on a space to complete gut renos.
    While the designer won’t be able to physically come to your space, you are still able to meet face-to-face with them. Pictures and measurements allow the designer to get a good sense of the room. Additionally, a pre-made video walk-through or use of mobile devices allow designers to get a sense of the flow.
    Video tends to allow for more flexibility in your project, as some tasks will need to be accomplished on your end. Since this will save you on design time, this will allow your designer to spend more of the package time on the design aspects instead of the mechanics and implementation.
    For more info, the best contact is kimberly@homepolish.com.

  • shari andrews

    I have a complete gut renovation. Can homepolish help a project from scatch?? Including layouts?`

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hey Shari, Believe it or not, our by-video designers have indeed led gut renos via video! We haven’t photographed this one yet, but a Miami-based designer just finished up on a Long Island project. Try signing up, and we’ll see if we can work with you!