Our Homepolish Designers

Our Homepolish Designers

Our Homepolish Designers

We have designers around the country (and online!) to meet the wants and needs of thousands of clients with every different kind of decor preference.

Our team of 500+ designers are hand-vetted alumni of the best schools and design firms around the country. After completing a rigorous application process, the designers are individually chosen by our team. We examine their interiors portfolio and professional experience for hard-working, enthusiastic and friendly personalities and meet each of them individually. It’s imperative that our team is made up of amazing, credible and professional members focused on listening to your needs. We work with both established and young talent, so our design team’s collective experience covers every style, budget and project size.

Alumni of the best design schools in the country, veterans (and owners!) of the best design firms, entertainers, bloggers, shop owners and all around amazing human beings, our designers are a diverse, enthusiastic and extremely talented bunch. And yet, they’re all a joy to work with. No egos here!

Have you noticed that you can’t choose your own designer? It’s for a good reason! We have a dedicated customer service team (we affectionately call Queen Bees) that individually hand-match designers with clients. Every one of our designers has a personal relationship with their Queen Bee making the matching process highly customized. Personality, style preferences, and special skills are studied before a client and designer are paired. We really pride ourselves on our client-designer-matching expertise, and we’re fanatical about our top-notch customer support once the design process begins.

Our designers all cost a flat fee starting at $130 per hour.

Look through the Homepolish Magazine to view all of the projects by our designers and take our Style Quiz to see what kind of space your subconscious truly loves.