How Our Designers Spend Your Hours

How Our Designers Spend Your Hours

How Our Designers Spend Your Hours

Working with a Homepolish designer is as collaborative a process as you want it to be! Read on to see how our designers can and will spend your purchased hours.

Let’s discuss how Homepolish designers really spend your hours. First and foremost, your designer is here to work for you. Your vision – however detailed and considered – is the end goal for your designer; so whether you buy a One Day Session or The Design Package (10 hour minimum), each hour logged to your project should be spent working towards your dream.

Our designers are project managers, furniture scavengers, time savers, and personal shoppers. Here is a list of things they can do with your hours:

– Your designer can choose paint colors for your palette. Whether a full paint job, accent walls or trim colors are needed, they know what shades will make your space larger or brighter (or cozy and dramatic – whatever floats your boat).

– Your designer can take an inventory of what you have and tell you what to toss and how to incorporate new with the old (and vice versa).

– Your designer can shop for you. Designers can shop online and source the Shopping List discounted furnishings (available to all clients after the purchase of design hours) that work best for your space. If online perusing is your hobby, check our Shopping List page for discount details (up to 10% off for vendors!). Send your picks to your designer for their opinion or approval.

– Your designer can also shop WITH you. Go together to the flea market, a favorite store, or an estate sale.

– Your designer can coordinate and advise specialists. Architects, painters, contractors, you name it. They’re the touchpoint between you and the contractors needed to change your space. You don’t have to miss work/school/life making sure people do the right job. The time your designer spends with contractors is part of your hours package.

– Once you have furniture (new or old) your designer will configure the perfect layout for your space.

– Oftentimes our clients don’t know what interior style they love most. Our designers are happy to create a style diagnostic for the undecided interested in defining their home aesthetic.

– Our very best projects come out of clear and open communication between clients and designers. If you have questions or feedback of any kind (navigating the website, using The Shopping List, working with your designer, etc.) call or email your Queen Bee! They’re a reference, a mediator, a confidant. Homepolish is the only design firm that gives every client a dedicated customer service rep (and talking to them does NOT take away from your hour package).