Give the Gift of Homepolish

Give the Gift of Homepolish

Know a friend or family member that needs a little nudge to get their design dreams in gear? Give the gift of time with a Homepolish designer to help make their Pinterest boards a reality.

Written by Homepolish

Know a family member who recently relocated and needs some help designing their apartment? Perhaps a friend who’s always wanted to spruce up her house? Or (and this is the sneakiest of all) you’re looking to get your boyfriend to update that bachelor pad apartment into a space that you both love?

Email and you will be directly connected to one of our customer service reps who will arrange for a giftable Homepolish session. The package includes a 3-hour Single Day Session with a free 1-hour initial consultation ($390). With a Single Day Session, your friends and family will be paired with a designer that perfectly fits their needs and personality. In those three hours, they’ll receive professional design inspiration and ideas to revamp their space, whether it’s a boring bedroom or a cramped office.

Give your loved one the gift of a space that makes them feel welcome and at home. By gifting Homepolish design time, you bring your friends and family a step closer to having the place of their dreams. Best of all? It’ll all be thanks to you!

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