A Writer’s Brooklyn Retreat

A Writer’s Brooklyn Retreat

A Writer’s Brooklyn Retreat


Geraldine Campbell, writer


Geraldine Campbell talks all the pros of hiring a Homepolish designer to revamp her studio apartment.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

As much as you love hearing us toot our own horn (“our clients are thrilled!” “Look how amazing this place we designed is!”), we’re treating you to a special POV written by one of our very talented clients: writer Geraldine Campbell. Geraldine lives in Brooklyn with a little doggy named Charlie and when she needed help furnishing her studio apartment she called us. Read her take on the Homepolish experience below!

In June, after a two-and-a-half year hiatus in the country, I moved back to Brooklyn. It took me a good month of apartment-hunting to find the one and I was thrilled. But when the previous tenant’s furniture was gone and everything was laid bare, I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed. It needed some professional help. Enter Homepolish designer Will.

Will helped me decide what to hold onto (the crazy circa 1978 sofa I inherited from my parents? Definitely a keeper) and what to get rid of. I traded a sturdy wood coffee table for a glass one I found on Craigslist. Add a bit of bronze spray paint and voila!—my living space suddenly felt lighter and brighter.

Due to my budget (somewhere between teeny tiny and tiny), I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy a lot of new furniture—but I did splurge on a wood-and-marble desk from Crate & Barrel (with the help of a hefty 15% Swatch discount). As a freelance writer, establishing a dedicated office space within the open layout of my studio was my top priority, so the purchase felt like a good one (and it got the thumbs up from Will). The finishing touches were all him: Throw pillows to update the rather stuffy antique armchair, a brass-framed mirror to make my living room feel bigger, and gallery walls that made use of my existing artwork and photographs. In the end, I have an apartment that serves an office when I need it to, but mostly it feels like home.

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