Work-Play Balance at Frankly SF

Work-Play Balance at Frankly SF

Work-Play Balance at Frankly SF


Expanding their workspace and looking for a redesign with a quick turn-around, Frankly HQ in San Francisco asked Homepolish for a boost of fun in the office. And well, frankly, designer Felice Press delivered.

Photos by Ashley Batz.

Start-up life is fast, furious, and fun. Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, Frankly is an engagement and content management platform, best known for a chat app by the same name that allows friends to easily (and discreetly) gossip on the go. In only 2 years since the start of the company, they had outgrown their ramshackle office space. Moving a couple floors down, they expanded the square footage by quite a bit. With the increase in space, CEO Steve Chung decided it was time to actually dedicate some time and effort to the design of the office. Homepolish designer Felice Press came in to make it “fun, open, and lively.” In other words, Frankly wanted to maintain that young, start-up energy.

Working on a tight timeframe, Felice directed an entire gut renovation. A kitchen came into existence when a wall was demolished, opening up a section of the floorplan. Glass walls were installed to separate conference spaces. Other changes required less power tools, but made just as much of an impact: brightly colored walls, exposed lights, a giant Jenga tournament area. (Yeah, that’s right.) And they’re happy to say that the office is completely dog-friendly. Their mascot, a pug named Olive, approves.

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Frankly was such an amazing client to work with as they were really open to lots of creative ideas and special finishes.

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