Why It’s Worth Redesigning Your Bathroom

Why It’s Worth Redesigning Your Bathroom

Why It’s Worth Redesigning Your Bathroom


You know you need to renovate it, but you're afraid it's going to cost a fortune! With the right attitude, a Homepolish designer, and a lot of creativity, you can finally design the bathroom of your dreams.

How many of you are frustrated because you have a dated bathroom that looks like it was designed in the 1950s? You know what I’m talking about… pink tiles, wall to wall wallpaper, and a layout that was designed for God only knows who (obviously not real people because it makes NO sense whatsoever). You know you need to renovate it, but you’re afraid of the cost. And I’ll be the first to admit, as a designer, that bathroom renovations are a pretty penny, usually running the pocketbook anywhere from $10,000-$25,000. But don’t stay satisfied with your 1950s pink water closet! With the right attitude, a Homepolish designer, and a lot of creativity, you can create the bathroom of your dreams. Still not convinced? Well, let me show you…



1. A good reno has opportunities for DIY projects

If you’re striving to be economical when it comes to your bathroom redesign, think about what you can handle yourself as a careful DIY. But be honest. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you have a mean hand when it comes to painting a wall? Do you like to break things? Maybe some light demolition work is up your alley. However, when it comes to planning out the space, I recommend you go with a designer. A Homepolish designer can source all of your materials for the space, map out the floor plan, and work with you to find the right contractors in your area to execute the job. Plus, when it comes to the bathroom, you have to be especially careful. You don’t want to break a pipe and have a Sorcerer’s Apprentice moment on your hands. All plumbing and electrical needs should be left to the pros.



2. Find that ideal layout

If you own your apartment or your home, you shouldn’t have to settle for a bad bathroom layout. Let’s face it. You’re in the bathroom every single day, and it has a relatively small square footage compared to the rest of your home. Maximizing space with the proper layout is of the utmost importance. Before you even start any sort of demolition work, ask yourself a few important questions… What do you currently find challenging about the space? What would your dream bathroom look like? What are your top bathroom priorities? Then, work with a designer to discuss this wish list. Placing the essential bathroom fixtures (from sink and vanity to toilet and shower) in the right spots can change that water closet into a proper throne room. Plus, a good layout makes a space more efficient. You may actually get to work on time for once!



3. You can make a Spa-like Space at Home

When you renovate your bathroom, the goal should be to create a spa-like space in your home. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be this utilitarian, run-of-the-mill place that you dash in and out of at random points throughout the day! Make it an oasis in your home. And besides, once you’ve finally survived the tough part of the renovation, you should indulge in the fun stuff like bath towels, soaps, and other small accessories to make the room pop. Then, when all is said and done, you can settle in and pretend you’re at some swanky hotel spa. Except you know what? This is better. Because you’re at home, and you can do WHATEVER you want.


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4. Renovating adds value to your home

Bathroom renovations have worth outside of your immediate personal comfort and happiness too! When you renovate your bathroom, it will add great resale value to your property. Think about designing a bathroom with a neutral color palette that will appeal to a lot of people. (And neutrals are generally more relaxing anyhow.) This is a good time to decide what bathroom updates will have the most impact on the space. Updates can run the gamut from new floor tiling, replacing hardware on the faucets, or investing in new light fixtures. Most of these things are small cosmetic changes (with the exception of the tiles), and they can make a big difference in your space without spending too much money. Going through the range of possibilities with a designer will take the head ache out of it. And it’ll ensure that you design a space that is going to give people a breath of fresh air… even after you’ve moved.

Ready to take the plunge? Check out Homepolish’s complete guide to renovating your bathroom!

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