Whitney Port’s Screening Room Gets a Makeover

Whitney Port’s Screening Room Gets a Makeover

Whitney Port’s Screening Room Gets a Makeover


Whitney Port, designer of Whitney Eve.


Out in Venice Beach, Whitney Port and her TV producer husband Tim are noticeably California people. West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria designed their screening room to show it.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

I was stoked when I found out Whitney Port wanted to work with Homepolish on a make-over of her screening room. I’ve been a fan of hers since The Hills and have loved watching how she’s launched her post-tv career. The lady has great taste and it’s reflected in everything she does. Which made designing her space all the more challenging – I wanted it to be perfect.


Whitney lives with her husband in a lofty live/work artist space in Venice. Her home is bright, welcoming, and filled with light. However, her screening room is nothing like this. It’s where she and her husband Tim like to chill out together and watch a movie, but the room receives less natural light than the rest of the home. This may have to do with it’s original intended function – the screening room was actually designed to be a painting studio. Which would be great if Whitney was a painter, but she’s a whole different kind of creative. The kind that has spun her beginnings as a TV star into a career as a tastemaker, author, and fashion designer. NBD.

Whitney has a sophisticated, eclectic taste that makes itself apparent in the way she dresses and how she decorated the rest of her home. I always look first to people’s fashion for ideas on what they might want in their homes. The girl knows aesthetics!


My first meeting with Whitney was at the trendy West Hollywood eatery Zinque. I half expected her to show up with giant body guards but instead she showed up with enormous Balenciaga shopping bags. We checked out her Pinterest board, chatted about her likes and dislikes, and sipped iced coffees while everyone around us guzzled rosé. Literally every time I go to Zinque, I’m the only one NOT drinking. People there seem to be eternally on vacation, sipping their rose and laughing about how few commitments they have. But Whitney and I were being business ladies, so we got a lot done. From our initial consult, we met and corresponded a lot until I was sure I had her style. So by the time I put together the design for her screening room, I felt pretty confident she’d be into it. Check it all out in the gallery!

And if you wanna see more, check out People’s feature on the space! And Whitney wrote about it on her website too!


 Tim and I have lived together for some time, but we still have widely varying tastes when it comes to our home design. I am definitely true to my Cali roots, but Tim is a born and raised New Yorker. The brightness of the space, not to mention the aqua color choice is totally my California beachy style, but the clean, neutral furniture is more Tim. 

- Whitney Port, designer
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