When Tradition Meets Modernism

When Tradition Meets Modernism

When Tradition Meets Modernism


Gabriel Fontes


Gabriel, a Homepolish designer and certified architect, was raised to love modernism. His partner, Grant, is of the traditional, cozy mindset. Together, it's the perfect match.

Photography by Dustin Halleck.

Homepolish’s designers are adept at translating an individual’s thoughts and Pinterest boards into a unified interior. So what happens when they’re given free range over their own space?

When Chicago-based Gabriel Fontes opened the doors of his townhouse to us, we knew we were in for a treat. What we found inside was the kind of modernism that makes us weak in the knees. A monochromatic palette unified the space, while incorporating more natural textures and luxe fabrics softened the overall look. From room to room, it flows seamlessly.

But Gabriel was quick to point out that this wasn’t an easy process. Gabriel comes from an architect family (both his mother and sister are certified as well) and is a self-proclaimed OCD freak. Whereas Grant comes from a family that values more cozy settings and loves to collect heirlooms and vintage finds. Two very different design aesthetics melded to become something completely new and beautiful.


Our main goal for our place was to merge our two backgrounds in some way. I think in order for a home to feel welcoming and sophisticated, the people living there need to be comfortable in it and proud of the home they’ve created.

- Gabriel F., Homepolish designer
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