What to Expect From Your Homepolish Consultation

What to Expect From Your Homepolish Consultation

What to Expect From Your Homepolish Consultation

We’ve selected the perfect Homepolish designer and now’s time for the big consult. What can you expect? Here’s our guide to making the most of your meeting.


Congratulations! You’ve officially started your journey with Homepolish. After you’ve signed up, a member of the Homepolish team might reach out to you to gather more information about your project to make sure we select the perfect designer for you. Once we’ve gathered all the details on your wants, needs, and more, we’ll select (what we believe) is your ideal design guru. The consultation kicks off what we hope is a successful and blissful partnership. Here’s what you can expect when you meet with your designer.


Before your meeting, go ahead and indulge in the fun part. Flip through magazines, click around Pinterest, look at your friends’ homes with a discerning eye, ponder your favorite (and least favorite) things, try to put a name on your taste. The more we know, the better. Terms like “modern minimalist” or “vintage maximalist” will give your designer a loose idea of what it is that you’re looking for. And if you know specifics you like, say color combinations, favorite textures, artistic inspirations, and the like share them so you and your designer have a firm grip your taste from the outset. Not sure where to look? Try turning to the tried and true sources—Pinterest always provides a plethora of visual ingenuity, Instagram now allows you to save the bedrooms and kitchens of your favorite ‘grammers, and destinations like our very own Magazine can supply detailed information on projects that fit your fancy.

Just as importantly, before meeting with your designer reflect on your overall goals with the project. What do you really want to achieve with your design? Do you have young children and need a relaxed, kid-friendly environment? Or are you looking to decorate a grown-ups only pied-à-terre in the city? This helps your designer prioritize needs within your design—and can help you wrap your mind around costs and what you’d like to prioritize in terms of budget.


After you’ve created an account and laid out the details of what you’re looking for, members of our team will find the Homepolish designer that is best-suited for you and your design needs, style, and timeline. Then, it’s time for you to meet. This is the time to talk with your designer about the concepts and ideas you had previously drawn up—and see what ideas they might have for you. Have fun with this design session. Don’t hold anything back, the more you and your designer gab about, the better you’ll be set up for this project.

Your designer will act as a sounding board throughout the entire process, so we encourage you to ask all the questions you have. To make the most of your first hour together, it’s best to try to cover a few major topics:

Your timeline and budget expectations: Discuss how long (or short) your ideal timeline would be, and if you want any demolition and/or renovation work. During the signup process you provided an estimated budget. It’s helpful to start finalizing that number so your designer understands where to begin.

Pieces you have, pieces you want, and pieces you need. Let your designer know what you’re hoping to incorporate into the new design—or what you’re absolutely not interested in keeping. It’s also helpful to show off all those inspiration images you delved into and list some of your favorite brands or shops.

After the discussion, your designer will prepare a customized proposal for your project that will detail how the process would unfold, including advice on an appropriate budget and an initial timeline of your of the project from start to finish.


After your complimentary consultation, review your designer’s proposal. You can expect notes, recommendations, inspiration images, and an estimate of how many how long it would take and their recommended budget. At this point, don’t expect floorplans or exact product sources, as your designer still needs to get to know your space and your style.

Now, you should feel comfortable and ready to roll. If you don’t feel quite so sure, talk to a member of our client services team—they’ll help you work out any kinks. If your designer didn’t seem like the right person for you, don’t fret. We’re happy to make another selection based on your feedback. At Homepolish, we pride ourselves on giving you peace of mind, so we’re always here to help. Designing your space is a process, but we’re here to make it easy and enjoyable.

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