What Our Designers Can’t Live Without This Fall

What Our Designers Can’t Live Without This Fall

What Our Designers Can’t Live Without This Fall

Our Homepolish designers tell us their must-have picks for fall 2017, from decor and pillows to storage for winter accessories and warm scents for the home.

A slight chill in the air, the leaves of the trees are aflame, pumpkin patches and hayrides have opened their doors—what’s not to love about autumn?

To get into the spirit, we asked a handful of our favorite designers to share their seasonal and of-the-moment must-have with us. Fall into autumn with these warm, snug designer-approved products.  

Caroline Z Hurley

Large Prodica Sand Stripe Throw

West Elm

Metallic Sandstone Pillow Covers


Tahoe Wool Blanket

Starts at $248


Ariel Okin: A cashmere throw is a must for me. When it’s hits 50 degrees, you reach into the back of your closet for the cashmere sweaters—and so begins the wardrobe changeover. But why stop there? My favorite decor swap for fall is breaking out my trusty grey cashmere throw that I’ve had for years. It’s gorgeously textured, and big enough to cover two people comfortably. Perfect for Saturday night movie marathons.

Tali Roth: This taupe velvet cushion is perfect for fall. The trends this autumn are all about warm colors–think mushroom, taupe, oysters and a hint of burnt orange. Velvet accents, with their inherent luxuriousness and warmth, is the best way to prep for fall.

Amanda Breslow: Coyuchi blankets are definitely a staple in my house for my family. We pull them out–the cozy cotton ones, especially–when fall starts to so that we can cuddle up together.

Tina Rich: Procida Maroon Throw for an extra layer of bedding on those chilly nights that are crisp but not cold enough to ratchet up the radiator for.

Crystal Sinclair: A good throw! Something to warm up in when you’re watching Hocus Pocus for hours on end.

Simon Pearce

Nantucket Hurricane Candle Holder



Nest Fragrances

Moroccan Amber Classic Candle



Ariel Okin: When it starts to get chilly, all I want to do is cozy up on my couch and light a fire – a little hard to do in Manhattan. Tall pillar candles in hurricane glassware, placed on either side of a media console, mimic the feeling of a fireplace in the best way. With my Simon Pearce hurricanes, I feel like I’ve stepped into a charming Nancy Meyers movie, Meryl Streep not included.

Tali Roth: Figuier Candle by Dyptique is really my year-round favorite, but I especially love to break it out in the fall! The scent fills my apartment and makes the transition away from summer a little easier.

Alec Holland: Scented candles, which I cannot take in the summer months, come out in the fall to fill the room and enhance the senses. My go-to scents: Black Ginger from Votivo, & Moroccan Amber from Nest.

Crystal Sinclair: A sumptuous candle always gets me feeling ready for fall and adds a small element of warmth and glow.

Williams Sonoma

Le Cruset Mugs

ABC Home & Carpet

Z Pots Ceramic Cups of Inspiration


Queensland Mug



Alec Holland: Bourbon. When the first night with a slight chill in the air rolls around, I head straight for the Makers Mark. Nothing says “goodbye summer, hello fall” like a stiff Manhattan.

Tali Roth: Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs are, in my opinion, the best mugs ever. They’re perfect for sipping on homemade (does Swiss Miss count?) hot chocolates and chai tea.

Amanda Breslow: These mugs, which are inscribed with notes of love and gratitude, are great for cooler days when we break out the tea kettle.

Tina Rich: I like to settle in and chill on the couch as much as the next person, but I like to do it with a touch of my own innate sense of design. These Annika Mugs are just what I need when sipping on hot beverages in the fall.

Crystal Sinclair: When I’m adding in a splash of whiskey to my adults-only cups of hot cocoa, I also like to make sure there’s a splash of artistry involved as well. These Anthropologie mugs are beautiful and unique.


Ariel Okin:  A change in season brings new life and energy everywhere, even into your home. I like to “adopt” a new plant friend every season, and lately I’ve been very much into the snake plant – it detoxifies the air and eats up formaldehyde, but is also quite a funky and eccentric fellow from an aesthetic standpoint. They can thrive basically anywhere, so I like to keep one in my bathroom on my tub ledge.

Alec Holland: As soon as I’m out of the city and upstate in nature, I start collecting pinecones, enough to fill a large decorative bowl. I keep them au natural until Thanksgiving, at which point they then get covered in glitter for the holidays.


Tina Rich: Teddy Hooks for hanging hats and scarves after a long day of walking through the Central Park paths lined with brilliantly orange and yellow trees.

Crystal Sinclair: A strong, sturdy basket to have beside the fireplace to hold a couple of logs – what’s autumn all about if not curling up by the fire, anyway? Also, as someone who loves to cook a set of deep bowls is an absolute necessity for the many homemade soups “we” will be making soon enough.