What Our Designers Are Thankful for

What Our Designers Are Thankful for

What Our Designers Are Thankful for

We asked our designers to get into the holiday spirit and share what tools, tricks, tips, and design gets are having them feeling grateful this Thanksgiving season. Read their cornucopia of picks.

When you’re a Homepolish designer, there’s plenty help you feel grateful. Sure it can get overwhelming—clients, changes, construction, CAD (and those are just the things that start with C), but on the whole, our designers have it pretty good. We asked them to reflect on what made designing spaces you’ll love lives easier (and prettier) in the last year.

Louisa Roeder: Without a doubt, my favorite new tool is a laser measurer. Long gone are the days of cutting myself on a tape measure! This nifty tool is particularly handy for measuring big spaces.

Kate Banks: I’m still thankful for Benjamin Moore’s Simply White paint. It’s warm and velvety and very dreamy, but also crisp and clean. My go-to white!

Gunnar Larson: The American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet. It is the most beautiful toilet—and you don’t always get to say that.

There’s this little light from West Elm and it’s been around for a while and it reminds me of the movie Batteries Not Included, which stars Elizabeth Tandy and  is about aliens that came and saved a low-income housing in the East Village. It’s the best movie ever, and I’m very thankful that it looks so much like the movie.

Maggie Burns: Number one is my digital tape measurer from the MoMa design store! It makes taking site visit measurements super speedy and is accurate within 1/16″. Definitely saves me time and ensures my floorpans are always accurate!

I am also super thankful for my new Joseph Dirand coffee table book. I am such a fan of his and the book is filled with page after page of his restrained but elegant design, providing me with endless inspiration whenever I am feeling stuck on a project!

Carly Callahan: I am thankful to vintage/antique/resale stores who always have those special unique pieces to top off a space and give it that character that you just can’t get with all new pieces.

Shana Wardle: I’m most thankful for Adobe inDesign and Photoshop. In a digital age with an evolving landscape, I rely heavily on my computer tools to present magazine-worthy layouts, renderings, concepts, and ideations to my clients to get them excited about their project and approvals necessary to keep the ball rolling.

Jill Shadek: The Benjamin Moore color Midnight Dream—paint it on the wall behind the TV and it blends in perfectly. And Etsy. It’s just a gold mine of unique pieces! And you don’t have to worry about everyone else using the same vendor because they’re so small and hard to find.

Ariel Okin: I’m thankful that I was able to make the move to designing full time with Homepolish this year, which was a goal of mine since I started a year and a half ago! And I’m VERY thankful for my comfy Nike sneakers on install days!

I’m also thankful for 1stDibs, where I found the most amazing vintage chinoiserie panel for a client that completely elevated their living room from cozy to collected.

Mandy Cheng: Besides being thankful for my home, I’m thankful for the things inside my home that make it warm and cozy. I adore my Cooper Swivel Chair—I waited two months for it to arrive and had been sitting on a hard dining chair until it was delivered! Of course, what would my home be without my lovely houseplant friends? And I would be lost without my Molekule air purifier, which eliminates my allergies. And, not to state the obvious, but who doesn’t love some wine and pour-over coffee?

When it comes to making other people’s houses into homes, I’m thankful for my trusty Dewalt digital tape measure and video chat, without which I wouldn’t be able to talk to my beloved By-Video clients.

Last but not least, I’m thankful for this this stupid, plastic solar panda bear that was gifted to me by my brother when he went to Hawaii. It dances when there’s light. Sometimes when I’m working I feel bogged down and it’s in those instances that it seems to dance. It makes an awful ticking sound as it moves back and forth and I feel like it’s making fun of me. It motivates me to work harder.