What Makes Homepolish’s Interior Design Different

What Makes Homepolish’s Interior Design Different

What Makes Homepolish’s Interior Design Different

The interior design industry needed a redesign—and that’s why we offer a personal, modernized, and comprehensive approach traditional firms and e-decorating services don’t.

At Homepolish, we believe great design is a collaboration, and we want to collaborate with you on your entire journey. From providing inspiration and industry knowledge and insights to the final install, we offer ways to support you throughout the process. And when we say we, we mean real people—a real designer in-person (or digitally face-to-face) and dedicated support teams are on-hand throughout your project if you need help along the way.

Our service is personal from the very onset. To start, we pair you with the right interior design and renovation professionals for your needs, then we help you navigate the process, from answering your questions to resolving challenges as they arise. We offer innovative technology to make the process easier, but we aren’t an e-decorating service. We’re something more.


Our founder, Noa Santos, believed interior design needed a redesign for the way people live now. He wanted to create a way for top design talent to connect with clients and a better way for designers to focus on the design part of the design process. Homepolish works to streamline the logistics of interior design. Our focus is on making a better experience for both clients and designers.

The process works like this: Enter the details of your project (location, budget, goals, etc.). We’ll select the right designer and/or renovation professionals for your specific needs. You will meet your design professional for a complimentary, one-on-one consultation. After you discuss your needs and they see your space, they’ll create a custom proposal for your project, including a detailed budget overview and estimated timeline. Give feedback or approve your proposal and get started.

Your personal relationship is just one piece that sets us apart from e-decorating companies. We’re also dedicated to providing holistic support and technology that makes each phase of your project easier and more efficient.Here’s how.


Homepolish doesn’t have a style (though we have plenty of style). Whatever your aesthetic, we have over a thousand interior designers and renovation professionals nationwide, plus hundreds of vendors from retail to exclusive trade options. We’ll help you find the people and pieces you need to create a space tailored to you. Our designers are talented enough to produce work in a range of styles—they manage your wants, needs, and budget, and create a singular space for you.

We go beyond concept boards, layouts and floor plans, and shopping lists. Our designers build a relationship with you, guiding you to make decisions and solve problems you didn’t even know you had. We care deeply about the relationships our designers build with their clients because better relationships beget better spaces. In the end, a finished space doesn’t look like “Homepolish,” it’s a reflection of you and your collaboration with us.


With Homepolish, you won’t handle issues alone. From the very beginning, we structure your project to succeed with the right team and clear milestones—and provide support if you need to adjust. Your project proposal outlines all the deadlines you’ll meet and the tasks you’ll need to complete along the way. With a clear schedule and guidelines at the start, we can minimize issues.

But if there are issues, our industry expertise means we know how to keep your project on track. With over 12,000 successful projects to-date, we have experience troubleshooting whatever might arise, from contractor disputes to damaged furniture.


Our proprietary tools complement the design process—outlining and tracking defined project goals and timelines, streamlining designer communication, and improving how you shop for your space.

Our Collection Tool streamlines the shopping experience, allowing you to collaborate with your designer easily as you shop and when you’re ready to purchase to check out in one place. Our simplified ordering platform provides access to over 700 brands, from retail giants you know and love to emerging artisans to exclusive trade-only vendors. On the designer side, we’re constantly iterating on new tools and technology to help them work more efficiently. We want our designers to focus on creating spaces, not on the busy work of the business.


Our Concierge department puts our team of purchasing specialists at your disposal. Each member is trained to handle the more difficult and time-consuming aspects of sourcing items for your space, order management, and invoicing. They will advocate on your behalf throughout the shopping process—all at no extra cost.

We centralize sourcing, purchasing, tracking, and shipping all in one place. When you order with us, we provide access to exclusive trade vendors and preferred pricing and, if any issues arise, we advocate on your behalf. You’ll have a direct line to vendors via our dedicated trade representatives who can leverage our relationships and purchasing power to your advantage.

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