Welcoming a Newborn to TriBeCa

Welcoming a Newborn to TriBeCa

Welcoming a Newborn to TriBeCa


Allie T., new mom


When Allie brought a new baby boy into the concrete jungle, she asked Homepolish's Sara Touijer to design a nursery reminiscent of a calmer locale.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

It can be a divisive conversation in New York: would you raise kids in the city? Many families flee for the peace of the suburbs, swapping out cramped apartments for white-picket homes, when they think of bringing little ones into the world. Allie and her husband weren’t interested in that option. After four years, they had made a home in their 2-bedroom apartment in TriBeCa, and they weren’t interested in shipping out of Manhattan. To make space for their new budding new urbanite, Nat, they called in Homepolish designer Sara Touijer to remake a guest room into a nursery.

Now, just because the couple was in downtown New York didn’t mean that they wanted that to be reflected in the baby’s room. Instead, they were inspired by one of their favorite getaways, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Mommy and daddy-to-be both agreed that this magical place would inspire a little boy “who loves to play outside in the dirt, go fishing, look for bugs and anything that crawls.” Sara brought the outside in for a room that is sure to spark his love of the outdoors. Just like his parents.


We wanted a calm and cheerful nursery for our little boy, and now that he is here, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It’s my favorite corner in the whole apartment and I hope it sparks his imagination as he grows!

- Allie T., Homepolish client
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