Weaving Your Own Wall Hanging

Weaving Your Own Wall Hanging

Weaving Your Own Wall Hanging


Kathleen Mannis, Homepolish designer


Woven wall hangings provide that handmade point of visual interest that make a room pop. Down in DC, designer Kathleen Mannis shows us how to craft one for ourselves.

Photos by Lauren Joseph.

Nothing’s better than when someone walks into your home and says, “OMG, I love that,” and then you casually say “That old thing? Thanks. I MADE IT.” Well, that’s never been easier than with this wall hanging tutorial. Wall hangings are everywhere this spring, from West Elm to Target to Lulu & Georgia. And they’ve even been popping up in our own Homepolish projects, from individual residences to commercial offices. All you’ll need are a few colors of yarn, a twig, and a pair of scissors. I’ll walk you through step-by-step on how you can create your very own with very little effort. The best part is that they are completely customizable. The colors and patterns are endless!

Follow along in the slideshow and hope you enjoy!


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