Vurb HQ Gets a Techy Redesign

Vurb HQ Gets a Techy Redesign

Vurb HQ Gets a Techy Redesign




In San Francisco's booming start-up scene, Vurb came to Homepolish with one word at the top of their list: "techy." Designer Savannah Roberts gave them that and more.

Photos by Ashley Batz.

Walking around San Francisco, one immediately begins to understand why it’s beginning to garner the nickname “Hollywood of Technology.” In the downtown area, offices for Twitter, Airbnb, DropBox, Pinterest, and Yelp have all popped up more rapidly than iPhone notifications. The global behemoths of Google and Facebook lie a short drive south. These are all names that at the turn of the century were just coming into being, if anything. Now, they are household words.
Looking to compete in this environment, Vurb was in need of a complete overhaul of their offices. The company’s main product is an app which allows users to easily connect various apps under one, easy-to-use interface. Pretty innovative. But the offices didn’t reflect their company culture or output. Competing against multiple design companies, Homepolish’s Savannah Roberts got the commission. She took the 4,800 square-foot office down to the bare bones and rebuilt it to incorporate branding elements. The most striking part? A graphic wall mural that, like the company, gathers multiple apps in one space.
See the whole space in the gallery.


There is such a collaborative energy at this company! Working with the team at Vurb was a real pleasure. They were open to some quirky ideas and didn’t hesitate to jump into the design process with me.

- Savannah Roberts, Homepolish designer
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