A Couple’s East Village Paradise

A Couple’s East Village Paradise

A Couple’s East Village Paradise


Deby and Vivek


Hiring a Homepolish designer let the newly cohabitating couple realize what was needed for comfortable living without letting egos take charge.

Photographs by Claire Esparros and Rikki Snyder.

When Homepolish client Deby moved in with her fiancé, Vivek, his two-bedroom East Village penthouse was a total bachelor pad. After the two lovebirds were hitched, they knew it was time to make their apartment a better reflection of the both of them. Deby, who works in fashion, was attracted to colors and patterns, but Vivek was afraid she’d make the place too girly. Homepolish designer Amanda knew just the way to create an undeniably stunning space the happy couple could both agree on.

Since both clients have demanding jobs in streamlined office environments, they craved a warm and inviting home. The first order of business was to rid the apartment of its sterile white floors and replenish the space instead with rich, natural wood flooring. The addition of custom shelving surrounding the entertainment center plus a collection of modern and vintage furnishings gave the apartment the ideal mixture of contemporary and old world. Homepolish helped combine Deby’s playful design sensibility with Vivek’s classic, conservative aesthetic to create a space that still knocks them off their feet every time they come home.

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