Outdoor Space With a View in NYC

Outdoor Space With a View in NYC

Outdoor Space With a View in NYC


Yue Bonnet, her husband and baby Bonnet


A mix of hard/cold metals with warm wood and light upholstery make for a sophisticated design. Also, that patio!

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

We try to focus on all of the amazing things our talented designers have done to change the lives of their clients but every now and then we get a little distracted by existing aspects of homes. Like, are you kidding with this patio? In Manhattan?! It’s bigger than my whole apartment! Okay distraction over. Yue and her husband had a baby on the way and needed some help making their clean and luxurious design dreams come true. Matching them with our designer Lorenzo, the trio started on the design immediately so that the space could be complete before the baby arrived.

Concentrating on a consistent color palette that evoked comfort and lightness, Lorenzo used luxe textures, a mixture of cold/hard metals with warm woods and light upholstery and added pops of color with accessories. He worked with the couple’s architect to add some sophisticated details like window pockets to hide the shades and built-in mirrors with lighting. A custom tent, blue planters and fake grass make the patio feel like an expansive garden where you want to eat all of your meals and stare at the glory that is NYC.

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