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VHX Takes on Brooklyn

VHX Takes on Brooklyn

VHX Takes on Brooklyn



Homepolish Time

Complete with neon signage, arcade games, kooky movie posters, and an unmistakable air of industrial chic, Homepolish redesigns VHX's Brooklyn office with flair.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

When VHX expanded from six to sixteen employees in their Brooklyn office, they needed help maximizing every inch of office space. In keeping with their innovative business model (they let artists sell their own work directly to their fans without rights restrictions), VHX wanted to create a versatile space that also represented the retro spirit of the brand. “We wasted a lot of time trying to design it ourselves, and it was never cohesive,” co-founder Casey Pugh says. After searching in vain for solutions, Pugh’s friends, Mallory Blair and Bianca Caampued (co-founders of Small Girls PR), suggested they call in the pros and contact Homepolish.
Putting our designer Casey DeBois on the project (we are aware that two Caseys in the same office might have been confusing), the office was almost instantly improved with stylish (and budget-friendly) solutions. With breakout areas for work and play, bike storage, and a dedicated movie-watching space, she really focused on creating an office space that could feel like home. The fun and chill vibe that the two Caseys came up with matched the employees’ personalities. Their new office brings out the vintage vibe that is the cornerstone of their brand. Not to mention, it radiates Brooklyn cool.


Casey was great at purchasing inexpensive items and making them functional and good-looking. Our employees love the new office so much that they now stay after hours.

- Casey Pugh, cofounder VHX
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