Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson

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Ulla and her team needed a streamlined workspace and proper storage for samples and fabrics.

Written by Anna Gray | Photographs by Claire Esparros.

Ulla Johnson’s effortlessly cool collections source materials and inspiration from all around the world so when she called Homepolish to help redesign her SoHo office, we were thrilled to join aesthetic forces. Wanting to create a space that really kept focus on the clothing collection and production, our designer Katie streamlined work areas, built storage space and kept everything a natural, neutral color. From that base, it was simple to reorganize the fashion team’s inspiration board, fit in custom clothing racks and rearrange the amazing existing furniture. Ulla’s excellent taste is obvious in all aspects of her life, from the clothing line (and her personal style) to interiors, so working with her was a breeze! Ulla knew what she wanted but not quite how to get it all in the space. Through a great collaboration, she and Katie designed a practical, efficient and beautiful working environment.


As everyone here would attest I am a bit of a neat freak—organization definitely helps my creative process. Our new office is absolutely conducive to productivity.

- Ulla Johnson, Homepolish client
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