TwelveNYC’s Office Will Make You Blush

TwelveNYC’s Office Will Make You Blush

TwelveNYC’s Office Will Make You Blush


Twelve NYC


Third time is a charm as Homepolish designer Tina Rich creates a perfectly pink office space for the development agency—this time with fellow designer Tali Roth at her side.

Photos by Seth Caplan.

When twelveNYC needed to expand to a larger office space, there was little question about who to call. Tina Rich, a veteran commercial designer with impressive projects like the Klossy office under her belt, had previously designed not one but two office spaces for product development agency twelveNYC—leading founder and CEO Katie Conovitz to commend her “magical ability to bring a brand to life.”

With that settled quickly, Tina quickly had a bright idea of her own. She’d collaborate with fellow designer Tali Roth whose expertise ranges from countless curated homes to awe-inspiring commercial spaces like that of Rebecca Taylor’s Garment District workspace.

For the expansion, twelveNYC decided to stay true to their roots and remain in the same building in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, but the bones of their new office got an upgrade. “They enlisted our help early in the process,” Tina says, “before the lease was signed, so that we could help with the layout and help to decide if the space could accommodate their growing team and theirs needs. Once they signed the lease, we hit the ground running on the design of the space so we were ready for construction, which we completed in three weeks.”

Creating a space for the flourishing company that reflected the group’s creativity and aesthetic eye while also taking into account their rapidly growing business was no easy feat, but Tali and Tina managed to pull it all together in a jaw-dropping timeline—just under four months.

The Twelve founder wanted a streamlined space that wouldn’t slow down her busy team with excess clutter—it still needed a distinct point of view. She wanted a space that incorporated color in unexpected ways to create an on-brand, sophisticated office for the group of women (and guy) to get inspired. To unite the space, the duo opted for a bold blush palette with accents of powdery blues and coastal teals.

Custom pieces ensured that each touch was just so. One example: the 17-foot, “floating,” pink velvet bench in the waiting room, which gives visitors a peek of the company’s cool-girl style. Spanning the reception area all the way to the lounge, it creates a flow that draws visitors in. Twisting traditional office decor, the duo incorporated mod, natural shapes to play off the office’s industrial feel. Geometric touches, like custom, round rugs from Aronson’s Flooring soften the severity of the linear space.

To keep the pink from feeling overpowering, Tali and Tina agreed and decided to balance all that plush with dreamy shades of blue. Enter a almost mind-bendingly stark kitchen space done over completely in a crisp robin’s egg blue. It’s minimalism for maximum effect. 

“We came up with the idea of doing a monochromatic kitchen where the walls, cabinets, and countertops were all one color,” Tina tells us. “We chose the perfect Farrow & Ball paint color and did all the fixtures in matte black. It turned out stunning and it’s absolutely my favorite part of the design.”

Because Katie wanted to minimize clutter, Tali and Tina made sure to include ample storage room so that no unattractive appliances were left lying about. The only contrast to the pool-hue are the kitchen’s dark fixture.

Keeping the conference room out of standard-issue territory, Tina and Tali crafted a table that felt literally thought out side of the box—a custom, pill-shaped table crafted from ash wood and slightly white-washed.

“The pill shape is so retro and super unexpected, but works perfectly with the other rounded elements in the space,” Tina said.

The conference room is home to team meetings, and also discussions with clients. To showcase the agency’s ability to create products that represent a wide variety of brands, the design duo carved out a built-in storage unit with plentiful amounts of shelving to feature the crème de la crème of twelveNYC’s designs. A playful arch keeps it from feeling like a trophy case. 

It isn’t often that two powerhouse designers have the chance to team up and infuse their individual aesthetics into one space, so Tali and Tina were excited to mix it up. The project went off without a hitch, and the duo couldn’t be happier with the results.

“Collaborating with Tina was a dream—she is the Yin to my Yang. She had the years of experience and relationship with Katie and the Twelve team while I had a fresh, unbiased perspective. We came together to create a fun, colorful, timeless, and high functional space for the team.”—Tali Roth

View additional photos and sourcing in the gallery below and read more about the makeover on MyDomaine.

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