TripleLift’s Friendly & Functional Office

TripleLift’s Friendly & Functional Office

TripleLift’s Friendly & Functional Office




"Be unfashionable, take risks" is a great motto well utilized in this cool office. Company colors and spaces solely dedicated to team hangouts build community culture for this hard working team.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

TripleLift is the “advertising solution for the visual web” so having an office that looked amazing while working efficiently was key. With a bright open loft in the Flatiron District, co-founder Shaun knew he wanted to utilize the great natural sunlight and bare white walls. With Homepolish designer Tina, the makeover was rounded out with the brand’s color palette (orange and gray), inspiring quotes and hashtags peppered around the walls and modern furnishings with an industrial twist. Incorporating a space for mingling was really important to the TripleLift team as it’s in their office culture to hang out, feel comfortable and create ideas organically in a relaxed environment (hence the multitude of snacks) so Tina focused on carving the open plan into differently functioning areas. Raw material shelving in the kitchen, modern furniture at work stations and a dark wall color in the reception area all worked to cleverly dissect the office without using walls. A resourceful and beautiful space, Tina and the TripleLift team worked to achieve the perfect working environment.


TripleLift has a very snack-oriented culture in the office – they are STOCKED. So a space where employees could get snacks/drinks, mingle and organically develop thoughts and ideas was very important.

- Tina, Homepolish designer
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