A Delightfully Bold Bungalow in Silver Lake

A Delightfully Bold Bungalow in Silver Lake

A Delightfully Bold Bungalow in Silver Lake


Using bold art, rich color, and graphic texture, designer Kaitlin Thomas brings a 1920s Spanish-style bungalow into the modern day.

Photos by Jess Isaac.

Convinced bold interiors can’t feel balanced? One glance at Kaitlin Thomas’ redesign of a Silver Lake bungalow will change your mind. The designer introduced graphic textures, eye-catching art, and rich colors—and the results are undeniably harmonious.

“My clients love modern, bold patterns and rich, Autumn tones, like rust, deep greens, and terracotta,” Kaitlin says. “So I wanted to incorporate color and pattern to both distinguish each space, while playing off one another to create a common thread.”

Built in 1925, her clients’ Spanish-style bungalow retained some of its original details over the years—including the hardwood floors and an arched opening in the dining room. But a dramatic remodel in the early 2000s stripped it of much of its character.

“My clients loved the Spanish details, so we wanted to add bits of that back into the home, while at the same time, layering in their modern aesthetic,” Kaitlin says.

To do so, she introduced new materials and textures, including an iron bar cart in the dining room, an earthenware and jute lamp in the living room, a black marble-accented mirror in the bedroom, and ceramic accessories throughout. These pieces also lend the space more depth and visual interest, while softening the feel of the hard surfaces and heavy wood tones established by the clients’ existing furniture. And to leave her clients’ personal imprint on the bungalow, Kaitlin prominently displayed her clients’ impressive art collection throughout the home.

“What made these clients special was their appreciation for art, so I wanted to focus on making that a focal point for each room,” Kaitlin relays.

She incorporated the pieces throughout the home based on color, scale, and style. Once landing on the perfect placement for the artwork, the designer centered accessories and other finishing touches around it—from vintage travertine coffee table and weathered wood side tables to a mix of new and vintage throw pillows and plenty of greenery.

For the living room, Kaitlin couldn’t find art with quite the right scale or color, so she commissioned a colorful abstract piece to really tie the room together and enhance the unique palette. She also hunted for a rug featuring the same color scheme to anchor the space.

“I came across this beautiful vintage rug from Homestead Seattle,” Kaitlin explains. “Madeleine is originally from Washington, and actually used to live right around the corner from the store, so it was the perfect way to bring in that tone, while also having a personal connection to my client.”

In the living room and office, she also selected rugs—both in black and white—that would complement the bold art displayed in each room. A vintage Moroccan rug in the dining room gives the space modern pop and contrast. And in the office, a linear rug perfectly offsets her clients’ multi-colored art piece.

In the bedroom, she delivered more black-and-white color via the bed linens and rug. She also opted to keep her client’s deep blue accent wall, a feature that is both statement-making yet calming at once. Further proof that bold can in fact be balanced.

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