Tour Karlie Kloss’ Boss Office

Tour Karlie Kloss’ Boss Office

Tour Karlie Kloss’ Boss Office


Karlie Kloss

Minimalist, yet multifaceted, Karlie Kloss' first NYC office is as chic as the supermodel who runs it. See how our designer Tina Rich created the airy and inspiring space.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo.

Karlie Kloss is boss. That’s no secret.

The supermodel runs a coding (excuse us, “koding”) academy that empowers girls to become tech leaders. She created an altruistic cookie for Momofuku. She films baking videos and city guides that rack up countless views on YouTube—and she generally makes it all look easy and charming. When it came time to open her first office, she needed a design as dynamic as her talents.

Thankfully, our designer Tina Rich was up to the task.

“We spend so much of our time at the office and I think it’s important that it be comfortable, beautiful, and a true reflection of the people working there,” Tina says. “They are a group of hardworking ladies and they needed a space that was well-designed, comfortable, and functional without sacrificing style.”

Translating that signature style meant opting for clean, fresh furnishings, an inviting, crisp palette, and tons of personal touches. Karlie partnered with Lulu & Georgia to find multifunctional furnishings and accessories that felt more chic than corporate.

But first, to get inspired to create an office she hoped would inspire her team, Karlie spent a lot of time on Pinterest.

“I loved researching different modern and open office spaces,” Karlie said. “Many of the offices I loved would have these amazing and intricate light fixtures, so I knew I wanted that to be a focal point of my own space. I also love my friend Emily Weiss’ Glossier office for its simple aesthetic and bursts of color, and the Soho House in Berlin for its furniture design. They have this wooden kitchen table that actually inspired me to go for a wooden piece in our own conference room.”

To achieve the relaxed, airy vibes, Tina swathed the space in white. Heavy wooden panels were removed and a fresh coat of paint created a calm and cohesive ambiance. Lulu & Georgia furniture, rugs, and accessories in a host of organic textures with gilded touches feel elevated, yet approachable. The minimalist lines and neutral tones get a jolt from vibrant artwork (from Uprise Art) to help ignite those creative juices.

“Since I’ll be hosting my team, business partners, friends and family in the office, it was important for the space to feel comfortable and chic and to flow from room to room,” Karlie said.

The office needed to flow and flex, with rooms doubling as places to host clients and chill hangout spots.

“We wanted the meeting room to feel like a living space and the conference room to double as a dining room for dinner parties,” Tina says.

To keep things out of straight-laced territory, Karlie layered in personal antiques and mementos as well as one of her favorite accessories—greenery. Plants and floral arrangements from BloomThat lend a meditative quality to the space.

Most offices consider the kitchen to an afterthought, but for Karlie it needed to be priority one.

“Like any avid baker knows, it is really important for me to have a functioning kitchen in both my home and office so I can cook and bake for friends, family and special guests,” Karlie said.

Not just for guests, also for the Internet—the kitchen also functions as the backdrop for Karlie’s cooking videos. She freshened up the dark cabinets with Semihandmade cabinet fronts and brass hardware. A geometric, cement tile on the face of the island adds a playful touch. Now the kitchen is as chef-friendly as it is camera-ready.

Besides the kitchen, Karlie finds herself spending a lot of her time in one of the tiniest, yet most useful rooms in the office—one that wasn’t even in the original plan.

A dreamy, Calico wallpaper swathed call room does more than serve as a place for a quick chat. It’s also where the boss makes her quick changes.

“Initially, I didn’t think I would need a dressing room, but with my busy schedule we ended up installing a curtain in one of the rooms so I could change for different meetings, workouts and events. I love this subtle addition because it keeps me really organized, and from the outside it looks like a regular call room! It’s airy, comfortable and in my opinion, the best space to reset and be productive.”

Like the multi-faceted model, the design is a harmonious combination of many parts.

“What’s great about the office is that while each room stands on its own, they all balance each other to create a collaborative, functional space,” Karlie says.

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