Three Reasons to Love Wall Sconces

Three Reasons to Love Wall Sconces

Three Reasons to Love Wall Sconces


Modern wall sconces are having a moment. Let our designer Angela Belt profess her affection for these efficient space and style-maximizing wall lighting options.

Wall sconces don’t get enough credit. They aren’t just for hotel rooms space-saviors and swanky restaurant bathroom light fixtures. Today, these light fixtures are making a big impact in residential décor. Let me clue you in on why sconces are a must for any modern home.


Wall lighting doesn’t need any floor of furniture space because—yup, it’s on the wall—making it the perfect solution when you are short on space.

Photo by Claire Esparros; design by Tali Roth

Think, who needs a nightstand? A single swing-arm light fixture by the bed means you can just swivel that arm around at night to read a book.

Mounting lights on the wall automatically saves the floor space that would be taken up by a floor lamp. In the image above, the designer played with a bit of asymmetry. We are all so used to seeing wall sconces in pairs for an even bedroom look, but choosing one dramatic wall sconce can make a stronger visual statement in your room.

Photo by Claire Esparros; design by Tali Roth

Photo by Julia Robbs; design by Amy Row

Highlight a special area

As we explained in our lighting guide a sconce is often used as an accent light. The small lighting detail serves to set a space apart and specialize it, whether it’s a reading nook, a small desk area, an artistic corner, or a bar cart.

The light naturally creates a larger visual field around the space, making your entire room seem bigger to the eye. It’s an opportunity to introduce some unexpected bling. Think of sconces as supporting stars for vignettes in your home. They make a piece of furniture feel like a moment.

Photo by Jeff Jones; design by Amanda Thomas

Photo by Tessa Neustadt; design by Stefani Stein

Make an Unexpected Statement

Sometimes the sconce deserves to stand alone. Don’t be afraid to design outside the box when it comes to finding a place to integrate wall lighting into your abode. Start with the nooks and crannies that are in need of some design inspiration, and from there, expand to other areas. Whether it’s a swing-arm fixture above the dining area or a dramatic gilded piece in the living room, an out-of-left-field design choice can make a room go from simply good to OMG. The right sconces can feel like a piece of art—one that just happens to light a room too.

Check out a couple of our favorite options to purchase below.


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Orbit Sconce

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Afton Sconce


Photo by Sean Litchfield; design by Becky Shea

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