Three Home Bar Ideas for Spring

Three Home Bar Ideas for Spring

Three Home Bar Ideas for Spring


Getting ready for your first spring soirée can be a lot of work, but prepping your bar cart is a snap with these three easy steps by Homepolish's Angela Belt.

If winter is the time to sit by a roaring fireplace with a brandy snifter, spring is the time to break out the bubbly and embrace the fresh air. It’s time to revive yourself and your home, and your bar cart (or if you’re lucky, your bar area in general) shouldn’t be forgotten either. From the type of alcohol you serve to how you serve it, it’s time to spring into spring with your cocktail life. Read on for our three pointers to bring your home bar into the new season.

1. The Spirits, obviously

When we think of spring, the words “fresh,” “bubbly,” “light,” and “ice-cold” all come to mind. So with the warming weather, it may be time to switch up your liquor presentation. Your dark alcohols (such as brandy, bourbon, and scotch) can move farther out of reach (though we won’t deny that we love a good bourbon smash with fresh fruits). Focus on Prosecco and sparkling wines, sangria, and lighter liquors like gin, vodka, and rum… in case you’re in the mood for a spring break island getaway. We’re not saying that those heavier alcohols are off-limits, but we do think that some drinks pair better with the al fresco lifestyle of spring. Also, bartender hack: always have some sparkling water (San Pellegrino or Perrier) on hand to add some fizziness to the drink… or to top off a cocktail when the booze is running low.

2. Glassware

We are officially done with the winter, so let’s stow away those whisky glasses and snifters and think about adding some tumblers, margarita glasses, and flutes. Break out that ice bucket to make sure all of the drinks are cold and crisp for any unexpected guests. When you’re styling your bar cart, spring is about being playful. Bring in those crazy straws with stripes or a brass bendy straw. They might seem a little juvenile, but who doesn’t like to embrace their inner child?

3. Accessories to drinking

The decorative accessories that you add to your bar cart are extremely important for setting the mood. Think of the colors that reflect the spring season. Millennial pink paired with the Pantone color of the year Greenery, sprinkled in with some brass accents (perhaps with your stirrers or shaker), will make your cart pop. Don’t forget about layering in the details. A good serving tray and cocktail napkins with a shibori or chevron pattern will make a your guests gasp in delight when you’re serving those margaritas or mint juleps. And this almost goes without saying, make sure you always bring in some fresh-cut flowers like tulips, daffodils, or gerber daisies, or even some varying shades of green.


With these few tips and tricks, your guests should be thoroughly satisfied… and they might have a little bar cart envy too. But after a few cocktails, we’re sure they’ll forget all about that.

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