Starting a Family in Columbus Circle

Starting a Family in Columbus Circle

Starting a Family in Columbus Circle


Tali Roth, Homepolish designer & Marcus Jankie, property developer


Homepolish designer Tali Roth and her husband Marcus had just moved into a 2-Bedroom in Columbus Circle. It was time to make the space their own, not to mention to get ready for a special new addition.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Our designer Tali Roth’s taste is very comfortable, bohemian, chic, and a bit fuzzy (she loves sheepskin). And though parts of that aesthetic come out when she’s designing spaces for her clients, a brand new 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment right off of the main thoroughfare of Columbus Circle (that’s steps from the Trump Tower and Time Warner Building) gave her the opportunity to make a space that was a perfect reflection of herself and her husband. The dream home began to form in their minds.


But, of course, there was another tiny consideration to take into mind: the two were expecting a SHIPMENT OF NEW FURNITURE! No, just kidding, they were expecting a newborn. (Which tbh, is much more exciting, even though we love furniture.) So beyond bringing in new paint, furniture, and an array of brass accents, they also made sure to baby-proof everything. According to Tali, they practically started from scratch, but from the looks of the space, it looks absolutely effortless. It all resulted in an amazing collection of class blended with DIY. Talk about one lucky baby.


Read more about the comfortable, Danish-inspired home in the slideshow.

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