The Power of Paint: Jewel Tone Color Palette

The Power of Paint: Jewel Tone Color Palette

The Power of Paint: Jewel Tone Color Palette

A bold jewel tone palette can evoke grandeur and luxury in any space, but how do know which shades will work best? Let Homepolish give you a few tips for the right color scheme.

Paint is a powerful tool. Bright, white spaces are ideal backgrounds for the minimalist, but sometimes a room just needs a rich hue to match a bold personality. Jewel tones are the perfect color palette if you’re looking to add a layer of lavish to either a brand-new space or a dim, dark area that could use a little pick-me-up.

Soothing yet stimulating, we created three different Benjamin Moore-inspired color palettes to work well in any area of your space. Not ready to lift a brush? Bring jewel tones into your space with accent furniture, accessories, or inventive creations like temporary wallpaper.

Design by Stefani Stein, photo by Tessa Neustadt

Ruby and Citrine-Inspired

For the red-hot types, the fiery color combination of Million Dollar Red, Electric Orange, and Abstracta delivers a bold dash of flavor. You can pair them all together for a truly striking look, deck out a room in one shade for a jolt of energy, or use each sparingly in statement accent pieces in your space. Because they’re so shockingly vibrant, use them in rooms where relaxation isn’t the first priority. Try sprinkling these in around areas like your kitchen, breakfast nook, family room, or children’s rooms.

Design by Kevin Clark, photo by Sean Litchfield

Design by Megan Born, photo by Dustin Halleck

Alluring Amethyst-Hues

If you’re a romantic, moody pinkish-purplish shades like Gypsy Pink, Mulberry, and Gentle Violet will have you swooning. These tones can induce an air of intimacy, so they’re best suited for areas where you plan on throwing parties with close friends or spending time with a loved one. Entryways, sitting rooms, dining rooms, and cozy spaces like theaters would be perfect for this trio.

Design by Alec Holland, photo by Genevieve Garruppo

Design by Tali Roth, photo by Claire Esparros

Emerald Meets Aquamarine

For those who cherish solitude and reflection, three shades such as Starry Night Blue, Juniper, and Rainforest Foliage are gentle in their strength and will give you the perfect backdrop for a quiet night. Rich tones of blue and green are deep and dramatic, so try them out in the more isolated areas of your home—think the den, the master bedroom, or even risk a bit of brilliance in a powder room.

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