The Latest in Lighting Technology

The Latest in Lighting Technology

The Latest in Lighting Technology

From goose feathers to cardboard, it seems like no material is off limits in the bright world of lighting. Check out our selects of new lighting products that are pushing the boundaries.

You know what one of our favorite things about interior design (and design in general) is? It’s CONSTANTLY changing! Each new season brings hot new trends and new (and oftentimes BETTER) ways of creating a functional and gorgeous space. As we’ve had our eyes peeled in the marketplace, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the bright and shining (literally) pieces of lighting. Many of these pieces show off new materials and technology that almost make our heads spin. Check out the products below.


Foldability, Petra Pendant

Park & Bedford

Misha by Staygreen


Merlin Helix

Unexpectedly Sustainable

Constantly on the look-out for renewable materials, lighting designers are turning to some surprising sources. Harkening to the historical paper lanterns of Asian origin (or perhaps more recently, the craft of famous designers such as Isamu Noguchi and George Nelson), paper and cardboard are becoming more and more prevalent. However, this isn’t the flimsy paper from your notebook. Ameico’s Petra displays complicated geometries, and Park & Bedford’s Misha uses cardboard (of all things!) to make an elegant lamp.
Taking the cake in sustainability (at least according to us) is the Merlin Helix by Solight. A recyclable thermoplastic lantern that floats, it is solar powered and changes color to boot. But we’ve saved the best for last… 10% of the company’s sales goes to supplying lights through NGO partners to those who lack electricity. Talk about a bright idea.


Carrara Helios


Orbit Sconce


Extra T Lamp

Seeing Double

We don’t know about you, but one of the earliest things we remember about light is that it can be reflected (thank you, Magic School Bus). The three pieces above all feature diffused glass bulbs, and their light is magnified by either brass discs or sleek panels of anodized aluminum. It’s kinda like a two-for-one deal but for your light fixtures.

Vita Copenhagen

Silvia Floor Lamp

Vita Copenhagen

Eos Tripod Floor Lamp

David Weeks Studio

Kopra Standing Lamp

price upon request
Light, in another sense

Of course, “light” can also refer to weight. These three floor lamps, balancing on thin-legged tripods, are the peak of graceful lighting design. Whether it’s a cluster of bronze polypropylene pieces, a cloud-like array of goose feathers, or a gathering of glazed ceramic orbs, each shines in its own way. The look is almost as if the light source is hovering in the middle of your room… and many of these come as pendants as well, making the illusion all the more believable.


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