The Height of Brooklyn Luxury

The Height of Brooklyn Luxury

The Height of Brooklyn Luxury


Alison and Josh Lindland


For the Lindland family, a Brooklyn Heights duplex brownstone became a stage for their trove of worldly treasures with the help of Homepolish's Alison Causer.

Photos by Morgan Yeager.

After living in the top floor of a Brooklyn Heights brownstone for seven years, Alison and Josh Lindland fell upon a rare moment of New York real estate luck. Just as they were looking to expand their living space, their downstairs neighbors were moving out and they happened to be selling at a reasonable price. It was fate, and the family soon owned a duplex. But for the family, the additional space also meant that they had much more room to work with their eclectic collection of furnishings and heirlooms.


And when we say eclectic, we aren’t using that word lightly. Really. Walking into the Lindland home is like traveling all over the world, without ever leaving Brooklyn. Homepolish’s Alison Causer came in to help curate and organize all of their treasures. A Louis Comfort Tiffany-style stained glass window casts its glow in the living area. In a dining room clad in bright graphic wallpaper, a midcentury modern Danish dining table stands on a cobalt blue Korean rug, a gift from Alison’s grandfather, a prolific art collector, who had been the chairman of United Artists and was raised in Japan (thus the other Asian artifacts). And the art throughout comes from places like The Netherlands or even their own backyard of Brooklyn. But not everything is antique. That plexiglass table in front of the stained glass? That’s brand new. And the two little girls like to use it as their personal stage. That stained glass probably makes the perfect backdrop.


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Our apartment is the main backdrop to a very busy family life with our girls and we are forever grateful to Alison and Homepolish for helping us finish it and make it such a special space. 

- Alison L., Homepolish client
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