The Best of Both Coasts

The Best of Both Coasts

The Best of Both Coasts

Designer Cindy DeLuzuriaga creates a blissful beach getaway that breaks all the common coastal rules, thanks to bold injections of color and tons of custom accents.

Photos by Sean Litchfield

Step into “Goose Landing,” a four-bedroom, six-bath, Bay’s Head, New Jersey getaway, and you could be forgiven for feeling a touch disoriented.

The vibe—part Hamptons, part Cali modern, part technicolor shack in the sky—is geographically impossible to pin down. That non-specific coastal style is just what homeowners Stephanie and Albert wanted in a summer escape for them and their twin boys. The 4,000-square-foot home (which was completely rebuilt post-Hurricane Sandy) needed to be more than basic beach.

So when Stephanie reached what she referred to as “the end of the internet” while attempting to decorate on her own, she contacted Homepolish designer Cindy DeLuzuriaga.

“Stephanie was having trouble finding a designer with a different approach,” Cindy explains. “She didn’t want what you traditionally think of when hiring an interior designer, and that’s exactly where I fit in. Her space was a mix of beachy and vintage finds, but she didn’t know where else to look to finish it out. Stephanie has great taste. I really lucked out working with her.”

The family could say the same. Cindy’s aesthetic strikes the exact balance of relaxed and playful they desired.

“My style is definitely influenced by my California upbringing—I like clean, fresh, and happy,” Cindy explains. “I really loved the idea and wants am always on the lookout for new lines, shapes, and use of materials.”

And if she can’t find those, she creates them herself. The house is filled with bespoke touches—rock drawer pulls, rope banisters, custom furniture, an easy-to-care-for canvas palm tree. Sea- inspired shades run through the home, but here blue is elevated with sunny contrasts and a palette of rich neutrals.

“Most clients stick with blue as the accent color, and my goal was to find ways to complement the hue,” Cindy explains. “It started off with a creamsicle rug in the dining area. The orange and white striped rug makes the rest of the blue accents pop. We even made the chairs different shades of blue so nothing is static. The color pops help the home feel very young and energetic.”

Those “pops” pop up everywhere: orange trim on the playroom rug, a mustard yellow suede desk, a rustic royal blue sink. The Crayola-colored accents stand out against the French-cut, white oak lining the walls. The harmony of shiplap meets hyper-colored hues keeps the house from feeling too austere, but the playroom takes coastal zest to new heights.

“Stephanie and Albert wanted a playroom to show up all other playrooms, and that is what we did!” Cindy says.

Pulling inspiration from the couple’s sailing experience, she sourced sail fabric floor cushions from Spain, a utility blanket in place of a rug, a shipwrecked dresser topped with a sand and sea glass lamp, and a pirate ship with one-of-a-kind accessories.

The pirate ship had to have a pirate flag,” Cindy correctly points out. “I wanted the boys to be able to get up on the deck of their boat safely—so we added barnacle climbing rocks and, of course, a telescope to check out the view and to lookout for sharks. We threw in orange life vests for another pop of color.”

Then there’s the surf swing, which wasn’t without its share of rough waters. After using a vintage surfboard proved too great a challenge, Cindy reconfigured it as a long swing with a
“swell” back support.

“I had to twist a lot of arms to make this surf swing happen, but now the boys love it,” Cindy gushes. “Albert really loved the idea and wants to have a surf swing by the pool—next designer challenge!”

In the end, the space encapsulates exactly what the family wanted: tropical but not typical.

“We didn’t take anything too seriously,” Cindy explains. “I wanted the home to say beach house in a fun, yet grown-up way. This project is really special to me, I feel like I live there. I mean, I would love to live there. Once you sit in those floor cushions you really don’t want to leave.”

See more of this beachy space in the gallery and sign up for Homepolish today to create your own gorgeous getaway.

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