The Behind-the-Scenes of a Designer’s Process

The Behind-the-Scenes of a Designer’s Process

The Behind-the-Scenes of a Designer’s Process


Leah Ring, Homepolish designer


Ok, folks, this is the moment when we're gonna see where the magic happens, the (wo)man behind the curtain. Ever wonder how a Homepolish designer works? Leah Ring, Homepolish LA, shows us her workspace and process.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Everyone works best in different spaces and conditions. Some people prefer dimly-lit, isolated corners of a library whilst wearing a cardigan. Others prefer working in a public café with lots of surrounding noise. Homepolish designers are no exception. They all work best in different environments. When we first saw images of Homepolish LA’s Leah Ring in her home-workshop, we wanted to know more. Here, she talks about the space and how she approaches design.


Describe your perfect, ideal workspace and work setting.
“Honestly, I think my current workspace is pretty ideal! I have my desk where I keep my computer for all of the digital things I have to do, and then a separate space for the more tactile things… drawing, painting, cutting out things… whatever that may be. I like to keep a separation between the digital work and the tactile, hands-on work. I also have enough space to spread out a drop cloth on my floor and get really messy if the day calls for it.
I don’t necessarily have a preferred time of day to work, but I definitely need a few cups of coffee before my brain is firing on all cylinders. I am always listening to music. It’s a huge part of my process, getting in the zone creatively.”

Ohhh, what’s on your playlist right now?
“Oh man, I could go on for days! The new Radiohead album is amazing! I love Jessy Lanza, Parquet Courts, The Range… really anything with Anderson Paak, he’s incredible! I have loads of playlists that I make regularly.”

So why is the room laid out in this particular fashion?
“The space is laid out this way mostly to maximize open floor space. The cabinets opposite the windows house loads of supplies, tools, etc. I needed that to be open. I also wanted my desk in front of the window, so I could enjoy as much natural light as possible.”

Then, if we walked in here on a random day, what are the 3-5 TOP items we would definitely find?
“Well, number one would definitely be a computer and mouse, the mouse for AutoCAD and the computer for sourcing items online, communicating with clients, creating budgets, etc. A sketchbook and markers are key for me, too. I like to draw really rough sketches of floor plans and elevations to wrap my head around the way I want a space to take shape. My speaker is one of my most important tools because listening to music is an important part of my process. Oh, also a hot glue gun because you can do SO many things with it!”

And what about an inspiration board, or how do you stay inspired in general?
“I don’t actively update an inspiration board per se, but I do pin up new sketches of projects as I go along. The pictures on the wall are all inspiring to me in different ways. In the world we live in, I’m constantly overwhelmed with inspiration, whether it’s via Instagram, design blogs, or just cruising around Los Angeles. I’m in awe of how many inspiring things are all around us!”

And beyond inspiration, what other projects can we see in progress throughout the space?
“You can see one interior design project, some jewelry projects, and then just a bunch of random art projects I’ve started but not finished. I love playing with different materials and making weird things, and I think it’s important to experiment creatively without having an end goal (i.e. a client with a deadline). You never know how these experiments will inspire you!”

See more of the space and Leah’s wisdom in the slideshow.

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