The Beach House, Part 2

The Beach House, Part 2

The Beach House, Part 2


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Orlando takes us on a tour of the his favorite half of the Beach House.

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt.

Remember The Beach House, Part 1? Well, hang on to your hair piece because part 2 is here. The rest of Mark’s house is just as bright, airy and stunning as you want it to be (to match part 1). Read on for Orlando’s breakdown of the design. Product resources are in the photo captions!

Mark is constantly hosting friends at his ultra glam vacation home so it makes sense that he wanted the guest rooms and entertaining areas to be welcoming, comfortable and really ready for any surprise visits. I love designing guest rooms especially because there’s less pressure than there is with master bedrooms. You know, the clients sleep there every night, scrutinizing all of your design decisions before going to sleep, having nightmares and waking themselves up by screaming “WHY DID HE BUY ME THAT!?!?” So anyway, super happy with how Mark’s guest rooms, media space and dining area turned out. The goal was to make them look sophisticated and chic without spending a trillion dollars. Someday, when I am a guest at the beach house, rolling around on those comfy white beds, I will thank myself for making them so bright, happy, and inviting. You’re welcome beach house.

Love, Orlando

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