The $5k Living Room

The $5k Living Room

The $5k Living Room


Noa Santos, Homepolish cofounder & Ross Matsubara, Assistant VP Nike Communications


Lush and luxurious, Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos's apartment is a perfect reflection of he and his boyfriend's roots.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

As with all of our designer’s homes, Homepolish Cofounder Noa Santos’s apartment is an accumulation of redesigns. His taste is pretty unwavering when it comes to his personal spaces so they always evoke luxurious, tropical, and bold scenarios – it’s only the layout that changes. His vibe is very 50s Hollywood set for a movie about a South Pacific island inhabited by beautiful people and exotic animals. You know?

Wanting the space to reflect his and his boyfriend Ross’s hometown Hawaii, Noa filled the living room with leafy palms, warm bronze accents and taxidermy animals (humanely caught by his uncle in Hawaii!). Sourcing almost everything from flea markets and vintage stores, the cost was kept under $5k with Noa’s patience and sharp eye. Splurging on the big stuff and saving on accessories and storage (with our discount program Shopping List!), the room is a lush but well-balanced representation of Noa and Ross’s dramatic, worldly, and sophisticated tastes. Look through the images to see where Noa was extravagant and where he practiced thriftiness with his home buys.

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