The 2018 Kitchen Trends You Need to Know

The 2018 Kitchen Trends You Need to Know

The 2018 Kitchen Trends You Need to Know

We asked the experts at Monogram what kitchen trends are on the rise in the coming year. Get in the know now.

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Smart appliances don’t have to look stupid. We asked Alex Skobel, from Monogram Appliances to tell us what’s on the rise when it comes to appliance trends in 2018. Find out what’s next when it comes to connected homes, custom panels, and cross-function.

What are the most exciting trends in appliances right now for designers?


Technology is the way of the future, and we’re getting in line for that revolution. Our new products will have remote connectivity, allowing users to control them via the Monogram app on their smartphone or connect the unit to Amazon Echo and Google Home, so your home is as smart as possible. The Connected Kitchen is finally here. You’ll be able to use your voice to control your appliances, get alerts if something is wrong even when you’re away, even order supplies with easy.

One of my favorite products coming out is the Integrated Columns Refrigeration + Freezer. It’s WiFi connected, features ramp up LED lighting, and even has an autofill pitcher mode.

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The kitchen is becoming more like a second “sitting/living room,” so hidden appliances are becoming more of a trend now than ever. Integrated panels are available in a range of styles offering you a minimal, sleek look that blends seamlessly into your decor. The frameless appearance can be used on refrigerators, dishwashers, and warming drawers for a minimalist approach to state-of-the-art appliances.Designers and customers are really responding to a clean, seamless and modern look in the kitchen.

There seems to be a focus on quality materials within all areas of the home. How are you seeing that reflect in appliances?

People are focusing on selecting the highest quality wherever they can, and that means upgrading something things were the standard was previously less-than-desirable. Glass and aluminum bins and shelving are replacing plastic in the refrigeration units. People are option for brass burners, not just as a beautiful accent, but also for the ultimate in burner performance for optimal cooking.

What are you expecting to be the most exciting developments for 2018?

Monogram has lots of new developments coming in 2018. One is the elevated, high quality materials we’re incorporating into our different product categories such as brass, integrated LED lighting, aluminum, and glass.

Sophisticated styling and exceptional craftsmanship set Monogram apart, and the beauty of can be seen in every fine, hand-finished detail. But the difference does not stop there—award-winning technology makes it possible to cook faster, clean easier, and enjoy more time for the finer things, like relaxing with friends. And there’s nothing more appealing than that.

For example, our Flush Pizza Oven offers hand-crafted luxury (and delicious pizzas). And we are now moving toward giving less importance to size and looking instead to satisfaction in product quality and functionality—the Monogram French Door Double Wall Oven fits this idea creating smaller spaces with a ton of functionality.

How do you work to balance aesthetics with functions in your new products?

We feel like we cannot be satisfied with a concept unless we achieve success on both function and aesthetics. We don’t compromise on either and that’s what makes designing great products so difficult. If we feel like we have achieved a great look, but don’t get where we want to be on function then we have not hit the mark. On the other side, if we have a high level of functionality that is not visually pleasing we have also failed. We work both sides of the equation together so that one never leads the other, both always stay important relative to one another.

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