Texture Rich and Color Happy in SF

Texture Rich and Color Happy in SF

Texture Rich and Color Happy in SF


Heidi C., Homepolish designer


Our designer Heidi's SF home is the perfect mix of high and low, old and new, casual and fancy. Color and texture play a big part in this one bedroom. Hello giant African juju hat!

Photographs by Lauren Andersen.

Everyone has that friend with the perfect room, office, house. Her throw pillows are perfect and one-of-a-kind, her use of color is next level and that insane antique mirror is a family heirloom or something. The deep admiration/covetousness we have for this friend’s taste is the same feeling we have for all of our designers’ homes. Today we’re exploring SF designer Heidi’s refreshing home. Featured on San Francisco’s 7×7 recently, Heidi’s design intention relies on patience and her keen eye. As she says, “I always encourage clients to wait for the right things to come along. In my home, it took me awhile to figure out certain pieces, but I’m glad I waited, because now I truly love them all.”

Tour the space and read Heidi’s design tips in our slideshow!

In this tour:
Living Room