Take Two for a New York Apartment

Take Two for a New York Apartment

Take Two for a New York Apartment


Hillary Drezner, new mom


Just as a redesign neared completion, the clients' apartment was sold. Homepolish's Amanda Breslow helped them regroup in a new TriBeCa space.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

As much as we love design, we won’t lie. Sometimes it can be tough work. It takes a lot of patience to take a space from drab to fab, but Homepolish strives to make every step enjoyable. Hillary and her husband Alan began working with Homepolish designer Amanda Breslow over a year ago. They sourced furniture, chose color schemes, the works. But just as the project neared completion, the building was sold out from under them. (New York real estate, amirite.)

Finding a new 2-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood of TriBeCa, Amanda helped the couple regroup. Reconfiguring the existing furniture and purchasing some additional pieces, their bohemian, eclectic style started to come together. Then, they shared some more big news: a newborn was on the way! Swapping out the spare bedroom for a nursery, their dream home became reality (at last!).


Amanda and I connected immediately and worked so well together from the start. She initially helped design my apartment in NoHo, a quirky duplex, that my husband and I lived in and loved for 9 years. A month after the project was completed, a note was slipped under our door that our building was being sold and we had to move in 45 days. Fortunately, after a stressful few weeks, we found a great place. Amanda was the first person I reached out to after we signed our new lease in Tribeca.

- Hillary D., Homepolish client
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