Space to Breathe at MNDFL

Space to Breathe at MNDFL

Space to Breathe at MNDFL


MNDFL in NY, the city's first meditation studio


In the middle of the concrete jungle known as New York, Homepolish's lead commercial designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks brought a considered haven to MNDFL, the city's premiere meditation studio.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

In the heart of New York, an unexpected basement respite offers quiet solace from the bustling streets and honking taxis. Diffused morning sunlight barely seeps into the space and bounces off the white-washed brick walls. Six Homepolish employees sit criss-crossed on the wood plank floor, just barely elevated by gray handmade cushions. The only sound in the room is light breathing and the hum of an AromaTherapy humidifier, the occasional voice of Chief Spiritual Officer Lodro Rinzler. This is MNDFL, the city’s first meditation studio.


But it wasn’t always this escape. When CEO Ellie Burrows and Lodro approached Homepolish, they had a vision of a drop-in, non-religious space where one could meditate in peace, whenever one might find the need. Lead commercial designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks first came into a dark, forgotten basement space, hardly a place for peace of mind. Over time, it transformed into an experience that immediately imparts a sense of home and safety upon entering. A woven macramé screen in a considered pattern, handcrafted living plant artworks, and tea station all say welcome. All that’s even before you reach the serenity of the private studio in the back. Calmness washes over you, in no small part from the design. And strangely, it lingers with you after you leave.



Our intention was to create an optimal environment for meditation and relaxation. That beautiful intention gave rise to an equally beautiful space that is the physical manifestation of that intention.

- Ellie Burrows, CEO of MNDFL
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