Soft Luxury For an LA Family Home

Soft Luxury For an LA Family Home

Soft Luxury For an LA Family Home


Angel and Tom, owners of Nadeau Furniture and Tatsu Ramen


100% handwoven silk rugs, down pillows and a soft color palette create a luxe family sanctuary.

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt.

This home is a prime example of the “excellent space, excellent taste, no time” condition. Angel and Tom run the furniture store Nadeau and the popular LA ramen spot Tatsu. The former is the “fastest growing furniture store in the US” and the latter has almost 700 reviews on Yelp so it’s safe to say they don’t have too much extra time to dedicate to their home’s interior design. The couple has excellent taste and their home’s architecture is A+ (and it has a pool) but they hired Homepolish designer Katherine to helm the design process, knowing that she could edit their wants and needs to create a functional and beautiful space. Layered textures, timeless pieces and a focus on the family’s love for travel make this home fresh, luxurious, comfortable and the ideal everyday retreat for their busy lives.

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