Sibling Harmony in West Hollywood

Sibling Harmony in West Hollywood

Sibling Harmony in West Hollywood


Designer Haley Weidenbaum helps her sister settle into a stunning Spanish-style, West Hollywood abode, just in time for her new baby.

Photos by Lauren Pressey

The best designers truly know their client, intuiting exactly what they want and what their aesthetic truly is. And who knows you better than your sister? While the idea of partnering with your sibling could drive some folks insane, for Katelyn Fisher, there was never any doubt Homepolish designer (and her sister) Haley Weidenbaum, would be the creative force behind her four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath, West Hollywood home.

“She knows me and what I want in a space better than I even know myself,” Katelyn says. “I decided to work with her, not only because she’s a super-talented designer, but because we see eye-to-eye—yet, without fail, she always takes the vision to a level that goes above and beyond my expectations.”

Haley was equally as effusive about her sis, gushing about the trust and freedom Katelyn gave her to design the perfect space, even if their styles slightly differ.

“As the younger sister, I lean a tad more adventurous and take more risks,” Haley explains. “That’s why she’s always wanted me to get my hands on the space and give it that fresh, playful spin.”

With the 1931 Spanish-style home in turn-key condition, Haley focused on designing with the goal of “California Comfortable” (and the challenge of making it baby friendly for her soon-to-be-born niece). Her solution: balance elegance with ease.

“There are a few themes I infused throughout the house that play off one another wonderfully, and it’s this curation of styles that creates a very welcoming and inviting home,” Haley says.

Nodding to the home’s Spanish history and traditional iron-work, Haley focused on classic touches and black and white vignettes. Then she added in a heaping of luxurious textures from the rustic (jute and raffia) to the high-fashion (twinkly brass and an unforgettable green velvet sofa.) The mostly neutral palette let Haley go a little more wild in the kitchen nook. But the wallpaper selection wasn’t purely aesthetic.

“The palm tree wallpaper is so quintessentially California, plus there’s a bit of sentimentality—Jason proposed to Katelyn at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” Haley says.

The emotional ante was raised even higher when it came time to design the nursery.

“When we learned they were having a baby girl, we started to rack our brains on how to make this a unique girl’s nursery, not your typical white with hints of pink,” Haley admits. “I believe a nursery is the one room in the house to be daring and they did just that.”

The pair bucked tradition and chose a blue palette, including Caitlin Wilson wallpaper on the ceiling. Haley complemented the hue with rainbow accents and organic touches, like raw wood, natural rattan, and tonal ivories. Haley went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect, sourcing singular accents and being very specific about quality control (she returned three rugs, two gliders, and three dressers).

“The nursery is very special to me considering it’s my niece’s future room,” she admits. “Going through these trials and tribulations was a little less stressful when designing for family, but all projects have their issues, which is why I always strive to make the entire design process as easy and painless as possible for all my clients.”

It’s that kind of attention to details that makes you want to have a sister, or at least a Homepolish designer.

“A highlight for me was appreciating how some of the smallest details are some of the best design elements,” Katelyn says. “I think this is one of Haley’s strengths, whether it’s the jute tassel trim on the dining room drapery, that unexpected striped pillow on the sofa, or the way the light hits the cane chairs in the breakfast nook. It’s not often that you get a front-row seat to your siblings in heir workplace. As her older sister, it’s been amazing to see her in her element, watching her creativity in action.”

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