Stress-Free Tips to Simplify Holiday Decor

Stress-Free Tips to Simplify Holiday Decor

Stress-Free Tips to Simplify Holiday Decor


We're all for joy and cheer, but let's be real... the holidays can be super stressful. Fortunately, our Creative Director Orlando Soria knows a thing or two about simplifying the process of making our homes warm and snuggly for the season.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

I’m the type of person that enjoys decorating for the holidays, but not all people are like me. Every time I invite a friend over to decorate with me, they get bored within minutes and start playing with their phones while I maniacally keep crafting, adorning, and festooning the house from top to bottom. Clearly, there are some people who would prefer to get their decorating done as quickly as possible. So today I’m going to share some tricks for how to simplify the holiday decorating process while still making your house as cozy and festive as possible.


1. Work with what you’ve got

I love using vintage props as holiday décor. Anything wintry can take on a holiday vibe in the right context, so adding hints (like these skis) is a super easy way to add festive cheer that doesn’t take much time to set up. Other ideas can be old candy tins, books, ribbon, wooden elements… just think to yourself of coziness.

2. Simplify your vase displays

When it comes to wintertimez, look for greenery that’ll be long-lasting (like the classic evergreen). Greenery like olive and pine branches can last for weeks in water (or you can opt to dry them out), so instead of filling your vases with flowers, fill them with resilient greenery you won’t have to replace for a while.


3. Buy a pre-strung Christmas tree

I snagged a beautiful white artificial tree this year, and one of my favorite things about it is that it came with lights already woven into the branches. This seems like a small detail, but properly lighting a tree can take hours (if you’re as meticulous and OCD as I am). Buying a pre-lit tree lets you concentrate on the fun part (aka ornaments!).

4. Use removable adhesive hooks

I didn’t want to make holes all over the place in my shiny condo (who does?!), so I hung my doorway peace sign with a 3M removable hook. These are super inexpensive and can be removed without ripping the paint off your door (or walls for that matter). Plus, you can put up all your décor without bothering with tools, which saves time and effort. For those of you in apartments, check the composition of your door. Many apartments in the East Coast have metal doors, and you can use magnetic hooks too.


5. Decorate your everyday decor items

(Instead of moving them into storage for the winter.) I love this cactus sculpture/coat rack in my dining room, but I don’t like moving it. My solution? Putting lights all over it and adding ornaments. Now I have a weird holiday accent that’ll make people ponder the extent of my holiday fanaticism, and I didn’t have to lug this thing down the stairs and into storage. DOUBLE WIN!


6. Opt for simple holiday accents with big impact

Bottle brush trees are a great accent, because they’re lightweight and look great clustered together. They’re super easy to set up (You literally just plop them on a table. Literally.) and very festive to boot.


7. Choose décor that matches your home’s color palette

My condo has a strong gold/white vibe going on, so when it came time to decorate, I decided to just stay in that color scheme. This way, there was no need to swap out pillows and accessories for the holiday season. Super easy and super pretty!

For more holiday festivity, check out my post on Christmas tree design and my essentials for holiday hosting!

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