Serving Up a New Office for Gaby Dalkin

Serving Up a New Office for Gaby Dalkin

Serving Up a New Office for Gaby Dalkin


Gaby Dalkin, founder of What's Gaby Cooking


When it comes to the kitchen, Gaby Dalkin knows how to make dishes that are positively mouth-watering. But when it comes to office design, she knew that she needed Homepolish to make a space that's equally tantalizing.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

If you go to Gaby Dalkin’s blog What’s Gaby Cooking, you’ll find a tab marked “Obsessed.” This is a woman who knows what she likes and wants the world to know it. Flipping through her photos, anyone can figure out that she loves food and the California living. Based out of West Los Angeles, the last three years of her life have been dedicated to expanding her blog and her brand. She worked out of a small home office, taking welcome forays into the kitchen. But finally, she had a moment to take her focus off of food and onto herself: it was time to give her workspace a much-needed redesign.

While she may be a masterful home cook, she knew that she’d need someone to help spice things up for her office. Homepolish designer Erin Kane brought in the right ingredients to make the office a place that would reflect Gaby’s company and still be comfortable. Beyond simply bringing in new furnishings, she rearranged the desk to make sure that Gaby could face a balcony overlooking a sun-washed landscape. Erin is happy to say, “Gaby wants to work in the space all the time,” and she’s even talking about bringing in Homepolish to put the finishing touches on the rest of the house.


Erin totally got my vision. It was like she looked into my eyes and knew me! To say I’m obsessed with the final space would be an understatement. The “What’s Gaby Cooking” headquarters is so bright and colorful but also organized. I’m pumped to get started on the rest of my house with Homepolish!

- Gaby Dalkin