Sectionals to Achieve Ultimate Chill

Sectionals to Achieve Ultimate Chill

Sectionals to Achieve Ultimate Chill


It doesn't matter whether it's for Netflix viewing or waiting out a winter flurry with hot cocoa, sectionals may be the the chillest piece of furniture around. Why can't we just lounge our lives away?

You know what single piece of furniture incurs the most amount of design envy more than any other? The sectional. Think about it. Especially for those people in “small city living spaces,” the sprawling sectional is the ultimate sign of luxury. Not only are they big, but they allow for the maximum amount of space to chill. Just plop an ottoman (or heck, even a coffee table, we’re not fancy) nearby, and it becomes the perfect vehicle for propping up those feet and switching to Netflix & chill mode.

From a design perspective, sectionals also provide an easy anchor to a room, a grand centerpiece of furniture to base color schemes and overall vibes off of. Check out our very favorite sectionals below, from high-end chic to downright crash pads.


Photo by Amy Bartlam

In an epic 1921 Tudor revival home in LA, Homepolish designer Katherine Carter found a lush blue velvet sectional that spans the entire sun-washed living room. Not only does it look absolutely luxurious, but every time you say “blue velvet,” you can think of the David Lynch film.



At the Singh’s Chicago lakeside townhouse, Homepolish’s Jennifer Talbot found a gorgeous white leather tufted sectional. The sleek look makes perfect sense for their art-filled home. Now, all we need is a pianist and a cabaret singer sprawled out on top of the piano.



Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos brought in a neutral-toned sectional for Marisa Vosper’s SoHo loft. The cofounder of Negative Underwear’s apartment is so big, that the sectional barely makes a dent!



Our very own Savannah Metcalf designed her own Oakland loft with a soft gray linen sectional to anchor the living space. Her favorite spot to curl up is the corner. Isn’t that true for everyone?



In a white-washed Laguna Beach bungalow, Homepolish’s Casey DeBois found a sectional to perfectly match the light and airy feel. And you’ll notice it doesn’t face a TV. When your view is the expanse of the Pacific Ocean, you probably don’t need Netflix.



And lastly, we found a beautiful sectional in a New York apartment designed by Will Saks. Wait, what? A New York apartment with enough space for a sectional? Dreams DO come true!

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