Second Time’s the Charm at TwelveNYC

Second Time’s the Charm at TwelveNYC

Second Time’s the Charm at TwelveNYC


TwelveNYC, a product development agency


At TwelveNYC, a product development agency in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, Homepolish's Tina Apostolou channeled the company's creativity into an office absolutely full of color.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Product Development Agency. Not exactly the most transparent of descriptors… what type of product? What type of development? But when it comes to TwelveNYC, a company based out in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, the mission seems easy enough: make everything beautiful. And of course, people can’t be inspired to make beautiful product if they’re surrounded by uninspiring office spaces. Recalling Homepolish designer Tina Apostolou‘s work for their old office, they requested the same exact designer to come in for their new space.


With more space to work with, the design this time around was similar but definitely on a grander scale. The team built out a conference room and storage room, essential for storing the mess of samples and swatches. A reception area was designated not by new construction but by adding in a brass curtain wall, glam meets function! And throughout the space bright pops of color shine through. Pink workstation dividers, palm leaf wallcoverings, and bright upholstery. And lest you forget the purpose of the office, let the glittering gold lettering in reception remind you: “Create Fabulous Merchandise.”



 I worked with TwelveNYC on design of their previous office and had such a blast! When it came time to upgrade to a bigger space, I was thrilled to work with them again. They are a product development agency so they are an insanely talented and creative bunch.

- Tina A., Homepolish designer
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