Second Home Style: Creating the Perfect Getaway

Second Home Style: Creating the Perfect Getaway

Second Home Style: Creating the Perfect Getaway

Homepolish designers know the second home has to be almost twice as stylish as the first. Peruse how they do getaway style, from posh pied-a-terre's to cool and casual beach houses.

A second home offers a design opportunity—a place to create a getaway in line with your style or to try new things and get outside of your comfort zone. Whether you want more of what you usually love or something completely different, our designers excel at crafting spaces you’ll want to escape to.

Our Designer’s Nontraditional Surf Escape
Designer: Christine Lin
Photo: Helynn Ospina

Designer Christine Lin created a surfer-perfect Airbnb that errs on the side of sophisticated rather than shack. Believe us, you’re going to want to live here full-time.

Sofas: Restoration HardwarePillows: Amber Interiors and Serena & LilyCoffee table: Restoration HardwareCurtain rods: Pottery BarnCurtains: Restoration Hardware

A Second Home With First-Rate California Style
Design: Kerry Vasquez
Photo: Sara Tramp

Designer Kerry Vasquez wasn’t phased by a tight timeline and budget when she was tasked with creating a quintessentially Californian, 2,000-square-foot bungalow.

The Best of Both Coasts
Design: Cindy DeLuzuriaga
Photo: Sean Litchfield

What do you get when you combine the Hamptons, Cali modernism, and the full-color wheel? The blissful Bay’s Head, New Jersey, beach house designer Cindy DeLuzuriaga crafted for this family.

Modern Meets Bohemia in an East Hampton Home
Design: Veronica Hamlet
Photo: Cody Ulrich.

Let’s be honest, no area is more synonymous with second-home style that the Hamptons. Homepolish designer and textile connoisseur Veronica Hamlet takes the feeling to the zenith by combining boho comforts with sleek modern accents.

A Weekend Retreat in the Big Apple
Design: Amanda Breslow
Photo: Sean Litchfield

For a Philadelphia-based family, there is nothing better than escaping to Manhattan. Thankfully Homepolish’s Amanda Breslow turned their two-bedroom apartment into a welcome retreat in the concrete jungle.

A Contemporary Beach Home in LA
Design: Jennifer Wallenstein
Photo: Tessa Neustadt

In the Redondo Beach area, Homepolish designer Jennifer Wallenstein crafted a sun-washed escape that feels as bright as the mid-day sun.

Building a Better Beach House
Design: Jill Shadek
Photo: Vivian Johnson.

Designer Jill Shadek was inspired to give this Stinson Beach second home a brighter, global feel, pulling the palette from the kind of colorful blankets native to Mexico and South America. The overarching vibe: “A minimal, industrial beach home, with funky, colorful art integrated throughout,” Jill says.

The Beach House
Design: Orlando Soria
Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Friend of Homepolish Orlando Soria was given free rein designing this beach house, and, considering the afters, we’d trust him with just about any space.

A “Dream” Apartment in Columbus Circle
Designer: Marc Houston
Photo: Sean Litchfield

When the owners of this cool, cosmopolitan pied-à-terre make it to NYC, they don’t need to visit the museums. Designer Marc Houston channeled artistic inspiration (specifically Henri Rousseau’s The Dream), iconic silhouettes, and bold swaths of color to shape their city escape.


A Backyard Casita in Dallas
Design: Paige Morse
Photo: Cody Ulrich

Designer Paige Morse created her own secret studio in her backyard out from two old sheds. Why ever go back to the main house?

California Cool With a Classic Twist
Design: Ariel Okin
Photo: Seth Caplan

When a California couple wanted a space to visit their NYC-based daughter, Ariel Okin helped them meld the best of casual West Coast style with worthy-of-New-York-society style.

A Striking, Pared-Down Pied-à-Terre in Soho
Design: Justin Charette
Photo: Sean Litchfield

For this NYC getaway, Justin Charette looked to his surroundings to create a predominantly neutral, minimalist loft in Soho’s historic Cast Iron District.

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