Rustic, Industrial Living Room Vibes

Rustic, Industrial Living Room Vibes

Rustic, Industrial Living Room Vibes


The weather outside is frightful, so we want our living rooms to be nothing short of delightful. These rustic, industrial spaces warm up our frigid hearts and make us long for a good book and some hot cocoa.

We’ll be the first to admit: we don’t LOVE the winter. Sure, we love the first magical fall of snow, hot cocoa, curling up by the fireplace, Netflix ‘n’ chill, but there’s a LOT about the cold weather that we could do without. (We’re looking at you, slush puddles.) So we’ve decided to just curl up with our throw blankets amidst a sea of beautiful pillows and hibernate until April. And these rustic, industrial living rooms are JUST the place to do that.



A Brooklyn loft designed by Homepolish’s Justin DiPiero for furniture manufacturer Ciaran McGuigan is just the place to lounge away our lives. White-washed brick is warmed by exposed beams that match the dark-stained wood floor, complete with scratches and marks from the building’s industrial past. To balance out the edgy vibes, deeply saturated upholstery seems to sing, “Oh, baby, it’s cold outside.” We have no interest in leaving.



In a Chicago home by Homepolish’s Jennifer Talbot, the final look ended up reading as “modern farmhouse” as opposed to urban condo. Not only does it have the brickwork and concrete beams to give that air of industrial past, Jennifer added in exposed Edison bulbs and a real reclaimed sliding farmhouse door. Mismatched chairs, antique finds, and eclectic artwork only complete our escapist yearnings.



And just because you’re feeling rustic and industrial doesn’t mean you can be a little fancy, right? In the Brooklyn home of Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art, Homepolish’s Casey DeBois infused artful layers. Set against the brick walls, it reads almost as a new-age gallery… just without the snooty people in turtlenecks.



And we couldn’t help including one more gorgeous Brooklyn space, this one by Homepolish’s Becky Shea. Cue the weathered exposed brick and wood beams, blackened steel framed windows, and a white-washed high ceiling. We’re feeling right at home, and totally safe from the frightful weather outside.


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