Renewing Your Bedroom for the New Year

Renewing Your Bedroom for the New Year

Renewing Your Bedroom for the New Year

It might not be a "whole new you," but small improvements make a difference. Time to get on top of organizing, decluttering, and streamlining the space around you, especially your personal oasis: the bedroom.

It’s January, and you know what THAT means. All of a sudden, the gyms are packed, everyone is on a juice cleanse (or they’ve forsworn alcohol… shivers), and people have promised to organize their lives and just be better people. And you know what? Good for them. We can totally get behind home decluttering and reorganization because sometimes it’s good to look at your life, look at your choices, and look through your storage bins.

But we’d like to make one thing clear. These tips are good year round. We’re starting with the essentials of simplifying and streamlining that most personal of all residential spaces: the bedroom. Reading through these tips, we’ll guide you on how to make sure it stays that functional oasis.


Photo by Amy Bartlam

Prioritize that bed

This might be an obvious one, but take a wild gander at what the most important piece of furniture is in your bedroom. If you said the bed, we couldn’t be prouder. (After all, it’s called a bed-room.) Your bedroom should revolve around that central piece of furniture, so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you. The ones found on the H Marketplace are minimalistic and simple, the perfect canvas for any style. Make sure that once you have a beautiful bed that it doesn’t become a gathering place for clutter and clothes. It helps to have under-bed storage, whether that means drawers or storage bins, to stow those things away. The only things that should be on the bed are linens and pillows… and maybe a really comfy throw.



Additional Storage Solutions

Of course, generally speaking, a bedroom is made up of more than just a bed. Many of these furnishings can include storage solutions. Armoires, dressers, and nightstands can hide away clothes, your latest reads, and other nighttime essentials. But beware the temptation to turn drawers into junk collectors! Each thing should have its designated “home,” where you can easily find it.



Time for a Clothes Purge

And while we’re on the topic of wardrobes and dressers, let’s talk about your wardrobe. No, we’re not critiquing your style a la What Not to Wear. We’re saying that now is that time to clean out those items that you haven’t worn in a while. Yes, you might have that old freshman year sweater that your first “real” boyfriend gave you… but are you really going to wear it? Time to be ruthless. Someone else will find better use out of your threads than simply gathering dust.



Keep it Tech-Free

You know what the key to serenity is? No, it’s not Instagramming that impossible yoga pose. It’s about unplugging. Nowadays, we’re so rarely separated from our devices. It’s important to allow your bedroom to be a space free of tech, if at all possible. Some of us don’t have the space for separate home offices, but if possible, try to keep the computer, phone, and blinking lights away from the bed. Your REM cycle will thank you. Not to mention, your bedroom will be free of the tangle of wires and cords.



Splash in some color

If all else fails for revamping your bedroom space, color is your friend. Whether you return the room to a minimalist white or add in a brightly colored wallpaper, like in the bedroom above, a new palette will bring a completely different mood to your favorite room.

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