Relaxed & Bohemian in Greenwich Village

Relaxed & Bohemian in Greenwich Village

Relaxed & Bohemian in Greenwich Village


Cody K.


With an earthy color palette and sleek tabletop decor, designer Amanda Breslow strikes a balance between eclectic, boho and modern styles in this NYC home.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo.

When Homepolish designer Amanda Breslow got the call for a project in New York’s Greenwich Village, she knew she had come across something special. Client Cody Kaldenberg and her partner had just finished up renovations on their Greenwich Village, but they felt they needed help with the design. Because Amanda had a sense that she and Cody had similar aesthetics, she knew that bringing a modern twist to classic Greenwich Village bohemia would be a match made in heaven.

“This was a collaboration between myself and the homeowner, who was very involved in the selections,” says Amanda. “She wanted to create a minimalist space with earthy, warm hues.”

That said, warm and earthy don’t necessarily translate to hippie and dippie. The soft, natural tonality of the home was countered by an elegant modern edge, brought to life by sleek, modern surfaces and materials like cold metal and light marble. Amanda “loves how Cody was drawn to a very relaxed sofa as the centerpiece but the rest of the surrounding areas are much more contemporary and clean. It strikes a very nice balance.”

Because the home needed to be minimal yet welcoming, the devil was in the details. Tabletop decorative objects like wooden and woven bowls bring a stylishly lived-in feel to the space, while comfort is balanced out with unique finds like the dining table’s ceramic and gilded centerpieces that elevate the aesthetic.

Additionally, both designer and client thought that lighting would be an interesting medium through which to bring in some personality. “The client wanted something with texture when it came to lighting, so mixing the lighter wood pendant over the dark walnut table and black chairs came out beautifully,” recalls Amanda.

Final touches are anything but little–a home’s art can make or break the space. Amanda thought clicgallery.com, a site started by Calypso founder Christiane Celle that features a curated collection of art, home goods, and books, would be perfect for the bohemian couple.

As it turns out, it was a perfect fit. They paired beautifully with other accents in the home, especially the Eskayel pillows found dotted throughout the family room. “I love how the pillows add some playfulness to the solid upholstered sofa and add in some tribal textures with soft pastel colors. They look wonderful with the art in the home.”

When the modern art, the unique decorative objects, and the restrained bohemian decor all come together, the result is a refined-yet-eclectic home that not only pays homage to its neighborhood’s free spirit history but will also act as a couple’s warm and welcoming space for years to come.

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