Reimagining Serenity at MNDFL Upper East

Reimagining Serenity at MNDFL Upper East

Reimagining Serenity at MNDFL Upper East


MNDFL, Upper East Side


For MNDFL's second New York meditation studio on the Upper East Side, Homepolish's Shelly Lynch-Sparks and Ariel Farmer created a sense of calm infused with some uptown sophistication.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

Just over a year ago, Homepolish’s head of commercial design Shelly Lynch-Sparks completed the design of MNDFL, the first studio space in New York solely dedicated to the art of meditation. Nestled into a basement space near Washington Square Park, it was characterized by white-washed brick, macramé, and living plant walls, a subterranean place to escape the concrete jungle.


In stark metaphorical contrast to the first location, MNDFL Upper East Side is perched above a lighting store overlooking 60th Street. (The puns about “elevating” your mind and reaching “enlightenment” are just too apropos.) Though the space had pre-war charm in spades with original herringbone white oak floors and a generous skylight, it lacked modern amenities (hello, wiring and plumbing!). CEO Ellie Burrows recalled the success of her first Homepolish collaboration, and called in Shelly for round two, accompanied by co-designer Ariel Farmer.


Because of the neutral color palette, Shelly and Ariel placed an emphasis on organic materials and textures. White oak paneling, glazed terra-cotta tiles, textured linens, cut glass, brass, and marble… every element in the design is uniquely beautiful and woven together it truly creates something magical. In keeping with the original location, living plant walls are a signature. A triptych of living ferns and moss in the main studio and preserved greenery in the reception make visitors feel… grounded. Even though they’re quite literally positioned above the busy Manhattan streets.

See more of the space in the slideshow, and read the feature as it appeared in Architectural Digest.

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