Redecorating Four Pasadena Bedrooms

Redecorating Four Pasadena Bedrooms

Redecorating Four Pasadena Bedrooms




The bedroom, specifically the bed, might be our favorite part of the home. Homepolish designer Jordan Shields got to redesign four, count 'em FOUR, bedrooms in a Pasadena home.

Photos by Meghan Beierle-O'Brien.

Think about that one place that you love most in the entire world. You might say Disneyland, a favorite restaurant, or a park. But we would argue that when it really comes down to it, the most beloved place in most people’s heart is their own bedroom, and especially the bed. Besides the fact that it’s the place we can daily recharge and SLEEP, the bedroom is that place where it is most representative of our style. It’s not a public place—it’s your special respite.

So imagine the honor a designer feels when they’re allowed to decorate someone’s bedroom. And then, imagine how Homepolish’s Jordan Shields was invited to design FOUR of them for a family in Pasadena. The project was set to include the master bedroom, the guest, a girl’s room, and a boys’ room. The best part? For each of the four rooms, Jordan got to experiment with the style.

First, let’s start with Jordan’s personal favorite of the four: the master. A corner, second-floor space, it is simply flooded with California sun. Jordan kept the walls white, but added in vintage furnishings for character. The headboard is a gorgeous tufted fabric, but two pieces across the way might steal the show. Namely, the vanity is a dark wood find from a flea market, and there’s a stunning porter’s chair, also vintage. Somehow the original caning is still all in place. Jordan’s favorite moment? The custom antelope carpeting. You read that right. Antelope. And it’s in a speckled pattern.

Down the hall is the guest room. As Jordan said, she wanted it to be cohesive with the master with more of a “safari vibe.” Darker colors and textures from leathers and grasscloth come into play. The art in this room was all done by the client’s grandfather… and those horns on the wall? He happened to contribute those too, from an actual hunt. Kinda reminds us of that antelope carpet in the master, come to think of it.

For the two separate kids’ rooms, Jordan went along more traditional lines. The young girl’s room is bright and airy, sticking to a color palette of whites, grays, and blush. An accent of brass pops up here and there, and she couldn’t resist some sheepskin. The boys’ room is bolder with a geometric Moroccan rug and leather trunks at the foot of each bed. For a touch of the unexpected, Jordan painted the ceiling a dark navy.

Now each space feels like a respite to itself. See more in the slideshow!


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